fewer tourists, because last season was record-breaking

– The decline in the number of tourists is clearly noticeable – say representatives of companies engaged in large-scale short-term rental. Inflation and high prices are the main reasons, but changeable weather is also the cause. However, we must not forget that last season was record breaking.

If you’ve been to the beach or walked through the center of Gdańsk, it seems at first glance that tourists showed up again this year. It may not be busy, but it’s also impossible to tell it’s empty.

And yet it turns out that there are far fewer visitors than, for example, a year ago, although the start of the season was promising.

– June was nice and although we increased the prices, the occupancy rate was on weekends, sometimes extending to three or four day stays, like a year ago. But for a number of years there has been a setback in early July. And especially this year. After Open’er, until now, we had a dozen apartments available, of the 59 we have available – he says Anna Ziółek owner of the company Sanhaus Apartments in Sopot.
Sopot seems empty at that time, few people and parking spaces are not occupied.

The previous season won’t repeat itself anytime soon

At first glance, the tourists showed up like every year.  However, it turns out that there are not as many as a year ago.

There are fewer tourists than last year, everyone says, but it must also be emphasized that a season like last year has been long gone and may not be there for a long time.

Post-pandemic people were eager to leave, but not brave enough to travel abroad in large numbers.

Tourist checks were used en masse to pay for part of the cost of the stay.

Apartments in the Tri-City – find the right one and rent

– That year was surprisingly good. Now we have to work hard to fill our beds. While last year we booked for a minimum of four or five nights, we have now reduced the criteria to two – he admits Michał Kudelaowner of Q4 Apartments, which manages more than 50 rental apartments.
This is mainly due to two factors: inflation and the weather.

– The decrease in the number of tourists is clearly noticeable, I think by about 30 percent. compared to last year – he says Anna Noworyta, the owner of Avis Apartments, which manages more than 30 apartments in Gdynia. – Inflation and rising prices have the biggest impact on this, but also the weather, which has not spoiled us lately. In Gdynia, the increase in the number of tourists is most noticeable at the beginning of July and August, as there is a statistical chance of the best weather. We hope it will be the same this season.

How much does a family of four cost per afternoon by the sea?

Sunny days on the beaches always attract a lot of people.  Also this year there are quite a lot of people, but not as many as in previous seasons.

Sunny days on the beaches always attract a lot of people.  Also this year there are quite a lot of people, but not as many as in previous seasons.

Other tourist places struggle with similar problems. In Giżycko, on the lakes of boats, there is a choice of boats depending on the color. Nobody swims. Taxi drivers say the occupancy rate in Mikołajki is 40 percent. This could be a worse season than the pandemic.

Rents rose, but slightly

Rents in the Tri-City have not increased drastically, by about 10, maybe 15 percent. – Declare representatives of the industry.

How much for a fish? We checked prices in fryers and bars in Gdynia

– Initially we increased the prices because all our subcontractors have increased them, for washing or cleaning the electricity and gas bills are higher. But now we have to lower them, make promotions, we can’t afford to leave the apartments empty. That’s why the prices are sometimes even more favorable than last year – Michał Kudela convinces.
People who rent a private home have a slightly different perspective. You know, it’s a matter of scale. It is easier to fill two or three apartments than in a few dozen.

– I occupied everything until the end of August, although our prices are about 1/3 higher than a year ago – you say Lukewho rents an apartment in Rybaki Górne and Na Grobla. – The only thing that has changed is that there are cancellations two or three days before arrival, and it wasn’t there once. Another thing is that someone jumps right on the spot.
This is also confirmed by others operating on a micro scale.

The landlord about their guests: presents and hot dogs in the cauldron

“Horror Receipts” Spread Falsehood About Prices

People who work in tourism admit that they are bad publicized by the so-called “horror coupons”ie photos of horrible restaurant bills published on social networks and picked up by the media. This suggests that it must be expensive everywhere, which is not true.

– There is one more thing that sets this season apart from the last. Hardly anyone cooks in the apartments I rent, and last year almost everyone used the kitchen to prepare food – Łukasz adds. – Strange, after all, it is said everywhere that the price of food has become so terribly expensive.

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