Books for the summer: hot romances that are hard to tear yourself away from

Sun, beach, garden, hammock and a good book… This is the dream of those who want to catch up on books or just relax during the summer rest. And nothing is more relaxing than a light romance. We recommend five books that are perfect for lovers of romantic stories, who need relaxation, suspense and captivating history while reading in the summer, as well as set in the beautiful scenery of the French Riviera, Tuscany, Calabria, Paris or the Irish coast.

“House on the Riviera” by Natasha Lester

Paris and the French Riviera, love, passionate romance, works of art, dangerous mission, family secrets. “Dom na Riwierze” offers all the emotions that fans of novels with a love theme, historical background and a touch of thrills are looking for. It is the first novel in Poland by Natasha Lester, the New York Times bestselling author, whose books are published around the world. In “House on the Riviera” we meet Éliane, a young Parisian who is hired during the Occupation to catalog works of art and plays a dangerous game with the Nazis. He makes a register of stolen works of art, encrypts notes and passes on important information to the resistance movement. However, she doesn’t know who to trust… And certainly, if she can trust a beloved man who has already abandoned her once. Remy’s story takes place in parallel, in the present, in the beautiful landscape of the French Riviera. The woman mysteriously inherits a stately property and meets a handsome photographer there. She also accidentally discovers a catalog of works of art stolen during World War II and, to her surprise, finds a painting that hung on the wall of her nursery. How is her story connected to the story of Éliane and the picturesque house? Will Remy learn more about her past and open up to new love?

Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

As sweet as a French macaron and as tempting as a fresh croissant, a romantic story about first love, passion and searching for yourself. The protagonist of the novel, Mia Jenrow, always knew she was destined to become a fine ballerina. And indeed, dance is in her blood – according to a family story, her great-great-grandmother danced in the ensemble of the Paris Opera and was portrayed by Edgar Degas herself! Her parents say it’s just a legend, but Mia believes it’s more than that. The girl plans to spend a magical summer in France chasing her dream, but soon realizes it might be a little more complicated than she expected. The summer in Paris would be devoted solely to ballet. She had no intention of discovering her family’s complicated history. And she certainly had no intention of having an affair with the mysterious, adventurous Louis. However, this summer will be full of surprises – Paris is not called the City of Love for nothing …

“The Three Sisters of Tuscany” by Lori Nelson Spielman

Set against the backdrop of Venetian canals, undulating Tuscan fields and charming Amalfi villages, romance blossoms, fate is fulfilled and family secrets are revealed – secrets that can threaten much more than an ancient curse. Two hundred years ago, Filomena Fontana put a curse on her younger sister, and since then none of the second daughters of the Fontana clan have found love. Some, like Emilia, the lucky bachelor who works at her grandfather’s bakery in Brooklyn, think it’s just a coincidence. Others, like her sexy niece Lucy, argue that this is not just bad luck, but a real curse. However, both singles are surprised when their great-aunt calls Poppy with an astonishing proposal: when they accompany her to her homeland, Italy, she vows that on her 80th birthday, she will meet the love of her life on the steps of Ravello Cathedral and break up. it so once a day, always “the curse of the other daughters”. Will a trip to the heart of Italy change the fate of women and make sure they finally find love?

The birthday of Roisin Meaney

A brilliant and captivating novel by bestselling author Roisin Meaney that takes readers to the Irish coast. Lily and Charlie split after twenty-six years of marriage. With their divorce in a few months, Lily, along with her new partner, decides to gather the whole family for the past weekend at Land’s End, their old summer home by the sea. Lily must bring news to Charlie, her daughter Poll and her son Thomas – news they will not love. But when the family heads to Land’s End with their newfound friends, Lily’s carefully crafted plans are jeopardized. While Charlie’s much younger girlfriend, Chloe, guards her own secret, Lili’s daughter, Poll seems to be sabotaging his seemingly perfect relationship, and Thomas grapples with a decision that could potentially tear his family apart. And in the middle of the drama, everyone forgets that this weekend is also the birthday of Lily and Charlie’s wedding… Will all couples survive the weekend and stay together?

“Dinner with Tiffany” Agnieszka Lingas-Łoniewska

This novel charms the most beautiful necklace! Southern Poland, Southern Italy… The splendor of real and fake jewelry, daring thefts, handsome men, not quite legal interests – this is a novel by Agnieszka Lingas-Łoniewska, full of twists! Romantic comedies are worthless, says 27-year-old Natalia Lisek, the protagonist in the novel, who has just lost her job. She may be right, but her life is beginning to look disturbingly like one of them. A deadly handsome new boss appears in her path, whom she absolutely must not fall in love with. Of course she has a not-so-nice fake girlfriend. In addition, a mysterious thief of precious trinkets… Amid romantic ecstasy, shady business and daring thefts, Natalia may lose not only her company’s diamonds, but… her heart!

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