The Ark embarks on a new journey to the premier league. Listen to the conversation with Ryszard Tarasiewicz

Third time lucky. Ark players embark on a new journey into the league. Twice they were close, twice it ended in a big disappointment. Now the yellow-and-blue players are being put in the role of one of the main favorites for immediate promotion – It’s not just Arka Gdynia, and the rest of the team has to worry about qualifying for the play-offs – coach Ryszard Tarasiewicz warns .

Behind the Ark, another difficult, disappointing season. A very good attitude in the spring round made it possible to forget about autumn a bit, but it was the first part of the season that the yellow-blue cost the most. The accidents or stumbles during Dariusz Marzec’s tenure made it necessary to rush at an insane pace after the winter break.


And the Ark hastened, but lost it only in the last few meters. We failed to overtake Widzew and Chrobry Głogów proved to be better in the play-offs. Now the residents of Gdynia want to develop a good position in the fall. – Autumn is very important so that we don’t have to win every match in the autumn round at all costs. Of course we want to win every round, but we don’t want to be “must have”. We don’t want the result to force us to behave unnaturally during the match,” explains Tarasiewicz.


– It will certainly not be a decisive part of the season, it cannot be said that everything will be decided in the first seven or eight games. But a good start, with a solid points reserve, will give the players more confidence, move more freely on the pitch and will also arouse more fear in the opponents of the matches with Arka Gdynia – adds the yellow-blue coach.

Tarasiewicz didn’t want to reveal specific numbers, but he revealed the secret. – If in the spring we score as many points in fifteen games as we have won in fourteen, I would be happy – said the coach. In the spring, the team scored 32 points in the above 14 games.


During the summer break, Arka recruited from Górnik Łęczno’s relegated player the central midfielder Janusz Gol and defender Bartosz Rymaniak, from Górnik Polkowice second-line player Adrian Purzycki, from Chrobry Głogów winger Marcel Ziemann, loaned from Lechia Gdańsk winger Omran KKS 1925, and defender Przemysław Stolc is back.

Defenders Gordan Bunoza, Elhadja Pape Diaw and Paweł Sasin died, midfielders Adam Deja, Fabian Spanish and Artur Siemaszko died and youth Olaf Kobacki was loaned to the new national champion of Miedzi Legnica.

– I can’t say we have 20 players at the same level, but these disproportions in terms of technical skills are not that big. I also believe that we have a stronger team than last season. Most of the basic players have stayed and the new players have to improve our quality. The players are richer in experience, both in sport, mental and character, Tarasiewicz explains.


The players are richer in experience, the team is stronger than last season, when there wasn’t much left. Does this put yellow and blue in the role of the main favorites for Promotion?

– It’s not just Arka Gdynia, and the rest of the team has to worry about qualifying for the play-offs. We do not have a reserved first or second place. We will do everything we can to make it happen, but there are six or eight teams that can think realistically, like us, about immediate promotion. This is not minimalism or a lack of ambition on our part, but this is the reality. We know our worth and we know our strengths, but we also know that in every match we will have our tongue to the navel – concluded Tarasiewicz.

The Gdynia players will play their first game against Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała on Sunday at 12:40 PM. July 23 is the time for the inauguration of the house. Zagłębie Sosnowiec will come to Gdynia.

Tymoteusz Kobiela / PAP

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