See summer through the eyes of French women! These 5 trends have changed their look and now they can do the same with your outfits

Summer through the eyes of French women can look very different from what we’ve seen so far. For this reason, it’s worth checking out their fashion picks for this season of the year and pick one that suits us best.

French women stick to their favorite garments. They always wear jeans, cardigans and every season small black. But they too sometimes need to freshen up the contents of the wardrobe a bit, or to be more precise, their own sets. The hits they introduce don’t turn our point of view upside down french style, but they give us some ideas that we can transfer to our own styling. There are also some trends this season that would be a shame not to steal. Free style lesson, which we received from the French women on Instagram, prompted us to make a small summary. We just want to wear these 5 trends. To look summer through the eyes of French women and choose something for yourself.

Some time ago we wrote that the suit has strong competition this season, because the French are increasingly replacing it with another set and they are good at that. It was then about to grabwhich became ubiquitous as the months passed. More and more French women see a lot of potential in this and use them when making their daily sets. Depending on the specific cut and other styling elements, they don’t just wear them for formal gatherings. A cropped jacket that reveals the tummy or a fashionable mini skirt easily strips the suit of exaggerated elegance and makes it the perfect choice for every day. Happy this hit is not only for French women. The popularity of suits has also reached Poland, so buying a jacket and a matching skirt will not be a difficult task.

Some trends are not based on new things, but make us realize the possibilities of what we already have in our wardrobe. The best example to show this in the summer of 2022 is a shirt. A plain white model with a collar is enough and you just have to style it differently than before. This time, the French propose to turn the shirt into a cape and wear it unbuttoned for tops, T-shirts and other blouses. In addition, it is worth remembering that a shirt worn in this way is also a great element beach fashion. Instead of investing in clothes that we will only occasionally wear for a swimsuit, we can replace them with a tried-and-true shirt. It is not only saving money, but also a way to emphasize your own creativity.

French women have a soft spot for lingerie trends. You’ve been seeing it for years. on list French women’s favorite dresses couldn’t be missing slip. Seine fashionistas appreciate it too linen skirts, tops trimmed with laceand pajama sets for everyday use. It’s the latest closest to the trend seen in their stylizations this summer. It’s because Rev. underwear shortsthat look like sleeping models or boxer shorts. These types of shorts are usually worn with a full shirt. It also happens that they put on a white top and leave their shirt open, which just shows that the hit we mentioned applies every step of the way.

French women know that accessories can help refine even the most classic styling that needs subtle details to accentuate character. For this reason, their closets are full of handbags, shoes, and other accessories that can easily enhance even the simplest set. In the summer of 2022, they will be helped by, among other things, slippers with buckle. The metal element, which we associate with a belt, is also perfectly suited for shoe projects. Thanks to such an accent, even the simplest model can look completely different. The French have already discovered it. Now it’s your turn.

French Women’s Styles they are often mainly based on a subdued color palette, but that doesn’t mean they never let the colors speak for themselves. The floral dress proves it perfectly, but it doesn’t stop there. French women have recently become interested too colorful hats. bucket hat More and more stylish French women are promoting and related styles in the version decorated with flowers or other prints. Thanks to such a simple addition, which, however, becomes expressive thanks to the patterns, they can easily refine their holiday sets. We have to admit that we are also fans of this solution.

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