A dream body for the summer – how aesthetic medicine can help

Summer is the season when interest in body treatments is growing rapidly. Especially that many offers have appeared on the market that have a spectacular effect. dr. Ewa Rybicka from the EsteticaNova clinic talks about those who enjoy exceptional popularity.

Aesthetic medicine can help you in the pursuit of the desired figure. Correctly selected devices and treatments help to improve the overall appearance of our skin (improves firmness and structure), and also complement therapy to reduce body fat in specific areas of the body. In many cases the effects are already visible after the first treatment, but usually a procedure of several treatments is needed for the full effect. “Aesthetic medicine is not only a way to stop time for our facial and body skin, but also an opportunity to improve well-being and health, regardless of age”- emphasizes the aesthetic medicine doctor Ewa Rybicka of the EsteticaNova clinic“Let’s not forget that trying to get the body we want means something different to each of us, sometimes we struggle with excess fat tissue and sometimes with scarring, for example after a cesarean section. It is important that the procedure is selected based on the needs of a particular patient“Adds the expert.

-What treatments or combination therapies do you recommend for the summer?

Ewa Rybicka: A very good combination of body treatments for patients with oily cellulite is the Z Wave shock wave with Icon drainage. The wave stimulates the skin and subcutaneous tissue and penetrates up to 4 dm deep into the body. The effect is an increase in tissue metabolism, stimulation of tissue cleansing, cleansing of toxins accumulated in adipose tissue and blood vessels pressed by deposits. Thanks to this last action, the tissue is better nourished, oxidized, hydrated and after a few treatments, the skin becomes smoother and feels more comfortable. If we additionally drain the body with the Icon device at the end of the treatment, the effects will be even faster. In case of high skin laxity, I like to start the therapy with mesotherapy on the body. Mesoestetic ampoules are perfect, from which I propose individual cocktails tailored to the patient’s needs. Such hydrated skin can better undergo radiofrequency treatments in combination with Exillis ultrasound. For patients who have stretch marks and scars on the body, I recommend the full treatment procedure with the DERMAPEN™ device.

Can these treatments be performed in the summer?

Ewa Rybicka – Naturally. Our patients love it and about 6-8 weeks before the holidays they return to the full series so that the body looks beautiful during the summer rest. KARISMA is a new facial treatment in our clinic that can be performed all year round, including before and after the holidays. It is a preparation responsible for the biostimulation and bioregeneration of the facial skin. The uniqueness of this biostimulator, which is also a gentle filler, lies in its composition – the rh collagen in KARISMA is natural and biocompatible with humans, therefore the risk of complications and side effects is negligible.

Which treatments are slimming and which are firming?

Ewa Rybicka – A typical procedure for shaping and removing unwanted fat is Z-lipo cryolipolysis in combination with a Z-wave shock wave. It can be successfully used by all people, even very slim people, who want to remove stubborn fat from their stomach or abdomen. The number of treatments depends on the thickness of the fat fold. We can also slim down by boosting the metabolism of adipose tissue with Exillis or a shock wave, especially when the patient puts at least a little mindfulness in the diet and adds physical exertion, it gives a great body shape and weight loss.

How can we prepare the body for sunbathing?

Ewa Rybicka – KAny treatment that stimulates the skin and improves its metabolism and hydration makes tanning, of course using SPF 30-50 filters, safe and pleasant. But beware, the sun is a pleasure, but also a threat. Especially in summer, we must remember to check the body for skin changes and moles. In this topic I can announce NEVISCOPE, a phone case, which allows the patient to take a very detailed picture (quality corresponding to the dermatoscope) of his birthmark from anywhere on earth and consult it with a doctor. Moreover, vacation is a time of rest, so you need a good mood, but there are no facilities for that 🙂

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