Which shoes will you wear with shorts in the summer of 2022? These 5 duos never disappoint. Be inspired every day by fashionable solutions

Wondering which shoes you can wear with shorts in the summer of 2022? We have selected 5 interesting duos that will provide you with ideas throughout the season.

In the summer we like to replace long pants with shorts. However, if you opt for the short-legged version, the shoes will be fully visible. So it’s worth spending some time creating the best duo. And this is not only the appearance or adherence to trends, but above all our comfort when wearing.

We have collected 5 universal proposals that may suit your taste. You can always grab your favorite pair of sneakers that go with everything, although we don’t recommend this solution in hot weather. There are many more interesting models to consider when filling out summer outfits. If you’re wondering what shoes to wear with shortswe are in a hurry with tips.

The choice of shoes can be directly related to a specific model of shorts. If you chose summer short linen shortsthen you can also grab most holiday accessories after the blow in the form of flip flops. You have many styles, materials and colors at your disposal. A simple model made of linen will suit any version perfectly. So you don’t have to limit yourself. If minimalism is close to you, classic Birkenstock slippers will do. However, if you like original accessories, you can choose a strong color or an interesting ornament. There are many interesting solutions in the stores, so you can find them easily perfect flip flops for shorts for summer 2022.

The spring-summer 2022 season is the moment of great return of trends from the 2000s. We are rediscovering it on this wave ballerina. although Kate Moss’s favorite shoes they never disappeared for good, but in recent years have been used mainly by the biggest fans. If you have also taken a break from these types of shoes, now is the best time to make up for lost time. Ballerinas fit many styles of trousers and shorts. Their potential can be exploited, among other things, by combining them with more elegant models. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Italians and choose the version they promote a suit for the summerit is the ballerinas that will be a great addition to the styling with such a set.

Interest has declined in recent seasons shoes with heels. However, if you belong to female fans pins nothing prevents you from wearing them with shorts in the summer. High heeled sandals fits most models. However, we liked it the most combination of high heels with denim shorts. For example, casual shorts look completely different from the more often chosen sneakers or slippers. Actually, this duo doesn’t need much more. A white T-shirt or shirt is all you need. If you’ve been looking for a holiday styling recipe that’s impressive, this combination is one of them.

sweat shorts it’s a great option for summer. The good news is that they don’t have to be part of a sporty styling. All you need is a good idea and they will become a useful piece of clothing for everyday sets. Among the inspirations we are constantly looking for on Instagram, there is a set in which sports shorts are combined with a white shirt. The shoes are also not unimportant. Instead of sneakers or sneakers, they appeared here shoes. moccasins and Men So it’s a great option if you’re looking for a less obvious accessory for your sweatpants.

One of the most fashionable shoes for spring-summer 2022, they always stay in the foreground clogs. These shoes will be a great addition to many styles. With shorts, they can also make a very successful duo. For example, they can complete the set with the popular with cyclists. Short leggings combined with a shirt and similar shoes is a great idea for an everyday outfit. If you’re looking for vacation inspiration, this one is worth considering.

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