PiS is preparing a project to lift immunities? The spokesperson explains

There is currently no project to waive the immunity, said PiS spokesman Radosław Fogiel, commenting on the words of party chairman Jarosław Kaczyński about the waiver of immunity. Sławomir Nitras (KO) ruled that Kaczyński’s idea was another attempt by opposition judges and MPs.

  • On Tuesday, PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński said he personally believed that judicial and parliamentary immunity should be abolished.
  • He noted, however, that “certain safeguards are needed, but they must be incomparably lighter” than immunity.
  • As for the party’s possible stance on this matter, the decisions should be made by the relevant legal bodies, including Congress, the PiS spokesperson said.

PiS spokesperson Radosław Fogiel said in an interview with PAP that Law and Justice currently has no plans.

“At the moment we don’t have a project to lift the immunities, but you can see that the discussion on this issue is lively among the citizens,” he said.

Fogiel pointed out that Kaczyński’s statement answered one of the questions posed during the meeting with the residents of Grójec.

“Perhaps such a question has been provoked by the recent cycling performance of one of the members of the Civic Coalition,” said the PiS politician.

In late June, the media reported that Deputy KO Franciszek Sterczewski was riding a bicycle after consuming alcohol, and during the police inspection, he refused to take a breathalyzer test, giving him immunity.

“The issue of lifting the immunities – as the president himself emphasized – is the view of Jarosław Kaczyński, not the position of PiS. As for the party’s possible position in this matter, decisions should be made by the relevant legal authorities, including Congress,” he emphasized.

In an interview with PAP, the deputy chairman of the Civic Coalition club Sławomir Nitras said that Kaczyński “today does not have the strength to file such an initiative”. He stressed that in his opinion this proposal was not serious. “He had seven years to waive his immunity, today his power ends” – he added.

“Mr Kaczyński received a revelation because I remember how he repeatedly voted against the waiver of the immunity of his party colleagues in this and previous Sejm term,” Nitras said. “This is another attempt at opposition judges, activists and MPs – a completely incredible effort,” he added.

Deputy Wanda Nowicka from the left told PAP that if there were a specific proposal from the club regarding the waiver of immunity, only then “it would deserve any comment”. “I expect a clear statement on this matter, not such a hyped thought, which we all need to catch and comment on now,” she added. “This and most or all of Kaczyński’s statements are absolutely incredible” – judged the MP from the left. “Especially taking into account that PiS votes in favor of maintaining immunity every time, if there are such cases during a session of the Seym,” she added.

PSL MP Marek Sawicki told PAP that “in moral or highway code matters”, immunity should not extend to deputies. However, it should be kept – according to Sawicki – in cases involving “the duties of a deputy and with criminal and civil consequences, between the deputy and entities controlled by him.”

Sawicki stressed that, for example, all PiS MPs against whom the Sejm “recently” voted to maintain immunity should resign.

Confederation MP Artur Dziambor told PAP the assumption was that the immunity was supposed to protect opposition MPs “from unjust arrest in typically political matters”. Another use of immunity, such as that of MP Sterczewski, Dziambor said, “is outrageous and should be lifted.”

The Confederation MP stressed that if “Kaczyński really wanted it”, “we can vote to waive the immunity at the next meeting”. “We can talk about it at Wednesday’s meeting and we can bear it,” he said. “I expect to have a debate on this on Wednesday,” Dziambor added.

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