More and more homes for seniors are being built. Such places are also used by the inhabitants of the Kolbuszowa-Kolbuszowa poviat


Within seven years, four institutions were established in the Kolbuszowa poviat, where seniors spend their day. This year was the last time such a house was opened. Are there still vacancies? How much does it cost to stay in such an institution?

The daily senior in Niwiska was the first in the Kolbuszowa poviat. It was opened in 2016. It is managed by the municipality. He currently has 15 students, but there are still vacancies. The facility was created for people over 60 from Niwiska Municipality who are no longer working.

The retirement home is located in the school building in Niwiska and is open from Monday to Friday. Seniors spend several hours a day there. They are taken to the facility and driven home. Meals are guaranteed on site. They benefit from various types of activities, including rehabilitation. There are also trips, for example to bonfires.


The stay is linked to payment, but not always. The councilors determine how much the seniors pay per month. If the senior’s income is low, the stay will not cost you a single zloty. In other cases, the compensation depends on income. On average, at the facility in Niwiska, it ranges from PLN 100 to about PLN 300 per month.

– We still have vacancies and we invite you – says Agnieszka Parys, head of the retirement home in Niwiska. As our interlocutor indicates, the existing group is very close to each other. – These people already treat themselves as relatives – he adds.

The manager also makes sure that every new person is warmly welcomed by the seniors.

– They are really very positive people, with a friendly attitude towards others. They have an open heart and a lot of kindness to new people

In Huta Przedborska since 2018

Two years after opening a place for seniors in Niwiska, Kolbuszowa Municipality decided to carry out such a project. The facility was established in the building of the now-defunct school in Huta Przedborska. Currently 20 people are being transported. Free places for volunteers are also available. Condition: non-working people aged 60+ from Kolbuszowa Municipality.

As in Niwiska, seniors are taken to the site and taken home. In Huta Przedborska they spend time on various activities, lectures, physiotherapy, reading books or watching TV. They don’t have to think about what they are going to cook today because meals are also on the daily schedule. They go on a trip together. Recently they visited Sandomierz.

Every day residents spend time together, incl. Zarębek, Widełki, Kupna, Bukowiec, Kolbuszowa or Przedborz.

– We have a plan of the day that we execute. However, there is no strictness like in the military. If someone doesn’t want to exercise today, we don’t force him to. Spending time in the retirement home should be a pleasure

– says a person who works at the facility in Huta.

And in this case, as in Niwiska, the group is close to each other. – They like and respect each other. They are like family. However, it is not that they are closed to new people. When someone shows up for the first time, they are there to help. They show us the building, explain what it all looks like – our interlocutor remembers.

Staying in a retirement home in Huta Przedborska also depends on their income. On average, it is from PLN 100 to PLN 350 per month. It also happened that someone pays nothing if the income is very small.

It turns out that the retirement home in Huta was initially wrongly treated as a hospice by outsiders. People were not used to such institutions where seniors can spend their time actively and interestingly and integrate with peers.

– I heard more than once that one of our seniors said that he regretted deciding to come to us so late – says our interlocutor.

For seniors in church

At the beginning of 2019 the St. Brother Albert will be in Kolbuszowa. This facility was established for the dependent residents of Kolbuszowa Municipality who are over 60 years of age.

Acquired by the parish of St. Brother Albert in Kolbuszowa, the grant made it possible to create a place for 25 seniors who, as in Huta or Niwiska, could count on a meal, interesting activities and transport. In addition, 50 residents of the municipality were guaranteed help with daily tasks in their homes. Seniors didn’t pay for it. The costs were covered from the financing obtained.

After the 1.5-year project was completed, the parish managed to raise more money. It was necessary to give up the free help at home. However, the St. Albert’s brother. There was room for 30 people, with the monthly fee being PLN 100.

If Fr. Jan Pępek, pastor of the parish of St. Brother Albert in Kolbuszowa, the project will end in July this year. Arrangements are being made to determine compensation for seniors’ stay at the facility.

House at ul. Narutowicz

This year Kolbuszowa also got to see the retirement home. The building was erected on Narutowicz Street (next to the rectory). The facility was commissioned in April. The facility is made for the elderly who need support with daily functioning.

– Seniors receive transport, meals (breakfast and two-course lunches), constant care and rehabilitation classes, activities of a developmental, educational and recreational character – inform Kolbuszow officials.

Currently there are 27 participants. There are still three seats available. Here too, the monthly amount is determined by the aldermen and depends on the income.

– Our participants’ fees range from approximately PLN 100 to PLN 300 per month. There are also seniors for whom participation is free – says Marzena Puzio, manager of the Daily Seniors Residence in Kolbuszowa.

The recruitment and calculation of fees is handled by the Municipal and Community Center for Social Welfare in Kolbuszowa.

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