Isolate houses Mateusz Morawiecki bad luck to eat less

Wednesday. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says during a meeting with the residents of Boronów: “It will be a difficult autumn and winter. Vladimir Putin made sure of it. Try to insulate your houses for the heating season”.

Thursday. In “Super Express” is a statement from the Minister of Education, Przemysław Czarnek. “The price tag doesn’t mean you can’t eat. You can eat a little less and a little cheaper”.

“Children in particular should eat less, especially” girls “because – as Minister Czarnek said last year – they get the most fat” – Wirtualna Polska’s Bianka Mikołajewska ironed on Twitter.

Samuel Pereira, the editor-in-chief of, defended the minister. “As you can see, Russia wants to overthrow the government with manipulation and forgery, including in Poland. Minister Czarnek gave no advice to Poland, but said he is trying to eat less and cheaper himself. You don’t have to like him, but consider yourself a journalist and don’t check what he really said?” – He wrote.

On Thursday, Czarnek called on Super Express to publish the correction. In the call made public on Twitter, he stated that the title “Minister Czarnek advises Poland: eat less!” he was “manipulated by a journalist”. As he added, his words related to his own idea of ​​”spending a vacation” and were not advice addressed to all Poles.

“I am a modest master, and Professor Czarnek is – as the name suggests – a professor, but in my view this rectification request is here in the trash. It does not meet the requirements to be corrected,” said Patryk Słowik, journalist from Wirtualna Polska.

Recently, President Andrzej Duda himself, during a meeting with the inhabitants of the Lipski poviat, advised “to grit their teeth a little and be optimistic”. And the West Pomeranian Council PiS councilor, Małgorzata Jacyna-Witt, posted a photo of the golf course on Twitter, writing: “How are the guys from @Platforma_org? Haratata in communal branches? See. And me, with @pisorgpl, on the best golf course in Poland and one of the top 3 in Europe, am involved in golf with a handicap of 13.5 like @TigerWoods @BarackObama @POTUS @IvankaTrumpFan and her husband”.

She later apologized for the submission but was still suspended for her party membership.

Political class resistant to knowledge

– There are no words to judge whether it is an accident at work. In the case of many prominent PiS figures, it’s difficult to talk to the main authorities about accidents at work, it’s just a state of mind – says Wiesław Gałązka, an expert on political image and media communication.

He adds that politicians should be aware of the obligation to answer questions from journalists, who are the linchpin between them and the public. – In general, our political class is immune to knowledge of social communication and social psychology. This is the level of culture and that also applies to the Platform, emphasizes Gałązka.

– This is a general trend, in every formation there are politicians who sometimes say a sentence too much – says Dr. Sergiusz Trzeciak, expert in strategic communication. – On the other hand, PiS is mostly censored as a ruling party. The less they are allowed, they must be even more careful, because every word from a government representative is much more destructive and judged much more critically than if someone from the opposition were to say it. But such things happen and will happen, he adds.

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According to Trzeciak, Jacyna-Witt’s words were particularly blatant. – Politicians sometimes lose their self-preservation instinct, they go swimming, this is an example of that. As long as I can understand that they will take someone’s nerves and say a sentence too much in emotions, it is different in the case of tweets or posts on Facebook. When placed consciously, it has a different power and can be judged much more critically. The alderman’s entrance should be used during training sessions on how not to communicate and shoot yourself in the foot – says Trzeciak.

So how should politicians tell society about rising commodity prices? – The universal message is in a sense understanding and solidarity. It’s better than denying it or showing “but it’s none of my business”. Be moderate, humble, don’t show yourself off. The worst is when someone goes deeper and starts arguing. And sometimes it’s enough to admit you said a sentence too much, it was someone’s day, something was taken out of context, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s better than wading and proving otherwise, Trzeciak says.

What role do their press services play in the communication between politicians and citizens? – This is a broader issue, I don’t want to judge it through the prism of a specific agency or ministry. People who work in news agencies are often not adequately remunerated, the responsibility is not sufficient for the reward. They also lack experience and are under pressure, Trzeciak says.

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