I know. What will he see in the city of Mozart and Beethoven? Plan a journey along the routes of the champions

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When choosing the destination, we usually focus on visiting the monuments, relaxing or walking, enjoying the beautiful views. It turns out that getting to know the world can take on a completely different dimension. To find out, it is worth going to Vienna and following in the footsteps of outstanding composers.

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Vienna. What to see, or a journey along Mozart’s routes

Wolfgang Amadeusz Mozart – Vienna born composer, son of Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria née Pertl. He had a sister five years older than him, with whom he liked to play harpsichord duets on a silk-covered keyboard.

The composer’s family traveled extensively, giving the young Mozart the opportunity to play at Versailles for Louis XV and at Buckingham Palace for George III. His talent intimidated the world, he wrote his first piece at the age of five and composed a symphony at the age of eight. At the age of 12, Wolfgang wrote his first opera.

To travel back to those magical times, it suffices to go to Vienna along the Mozart trails. We can start our journey with a visit to the Schönbrunn Palace. We can also see the Cathedral of St. Stephen. Following in the footsteps of a genius, it is impossible to ignore his home, Mozarthaus Vienna.

If you’re in Vienna, it’s well worth a visit to the Burggaten Garden, which houses the impressive Mozart statue from 1896. The monument is surrounded by flowerbeds in the shape of a treble clef.

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What is interesting to see in Vienna, the city of Ludwig van Beethoven?

Vienna is a city full of interesting stories. This is where Beethoven spent more than thirty years of his life. A student of Mozart, he came to Vienna in his youth to develop his talent under the supervision of a master. Unfortunately, a perverse fate meant that he had to quickly return to his ailing mother.

Still, he did not give up and returned to Vienna at the age of 22 to study with Haydn. The young composer’s talent was soon recognized and he himself became the author of many symphonies, overtures, piano and string trios.

His excellent figure has a large museum. It is located in Beethoven’s preserved apartment in Heiligenstadt, Probusgasse Street 6. Initially it was a small room, today it was expanded and finally it is 265 square meters in size. Visiting this place, we can see not only old resonant tubes, but also bizarre objects that, as the stories show, would be broken and destroyed by the composer during the rage into which he sometimes fell.

It was in this house that Ludwig wrote his famous “Saint City Testament”, a letter to his brothers describing the despair associated with his developing deafness and the lack of effective therapy. This document was never sent, it was only found after the composer’s death.

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What else is worth seeing in Vienna?

The House of Music is a Viennese sound museum where we can find interactive exhibits related to the world of sounds and holograms of Mozart himself.

Fans of Beethoven can see other apartments in Vienna where he once worked. Today are places of remembrance where we can see many personal items or listen to the extraordinary songs of the master.

If classical music is close to us, it is necessary to go to the places where the premieres of Beethoven’s works took place. Examples include the Eroica Hall in the Austrian Theater Museum and the ballroom of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Worth seeing in Vienna is certainly the Theater an der Wien, where the premiere of the opera “Fidelio” took place, and Beethoven himself even lived there for some time.

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