Elegant summer office shoes up to 150 PLN. They are comfortable, stylish and will not go out of style for many seasons

Open-heeled pumps, ballerinas, high heels, elegant sandals or leather mussels. 5/7 items from our list have just been discounted by a whopping 65%, and their prices start from PLN 44.

Dress code dress code is uneven. While some can afford fancy heels, bright colors and open shapes, others have to limit themselves to understated classics and built-up uppers. But whatever group you belong to, you will certainly find something for yourself in our selection. Let’s start!

In these open heel pumps we would see Anne Laure Mais, Leia Sfez, Louise Follain or Sabina Socol. This is because they fit perfectly with the French style office looks. Moreover, they are available in three color variants: beige, lavender and fuchsia. And they cost less than PLN 60.

Price: PLN 59.99 (before a discount of PLN 99.99)

The reserved offer still catches the eye classic loafers with a geometric bit-shaped buckle. They go well with jeans, floral dresses, fabric shorts and the most fashionable micro skirts this season. This is probably the most universal model of shoes with which you can complete your wardrobe in the summer.

Price: 99.99 PLN

When clogs timidly appeared on the catwalks of the world in 2019, we saw it as an industry curiosity with a very short shelf life. 3 years later, the signature slippers with a heavy wooden sole not only did not disappear from the radar, but also cemented their position at the forefront of the list of the most fashionable shoes (not only for work) for the summer. This time we spotted them in brands such as Balenciaga, Givenchy or Rejina Pyo and… Jenny Fairy. You can hunt them for just over PLN 80.

Price: PLN 83.99 (PLN 139.99 before discount)

Fashionable flip flops up to PLN 100, in which you want to get through the whole summer >>

In Gino Rossi’s offer we saw a perfect combination of minimalist simplicity with a garish accent inspired by the artistic fantasies of creative directors of top fashion houses. Chocolate slippers with wide strap look very classic, but look at this sculptural heel – we love!

Price: PLN 149.97 (before a discount of PLN 249.99)

In the summer of 2022 we can feel like the girls in Degas’ paintings, whether we work in the theater, in a bank, editorial or advertising agency. Thank you all metallic ballet flats that have regained popularity as the most girly trend of the season. We put the ones with the Lasocki tag in the virtual baskets:

Price: PLN 129.99

Nineties classics straight from the wardrobes of Carrie Bradshaw or Rachel Green. At first glance, it may not seem like an obvious choice for work, but trust us: properly styled, they will gain elegance, class and style. We’d wear them with crinkled Bermuda shorts and oversized jackets or with ribbed knit dresses that hug the silhouette.

Price: PLN 139.99

Sand mussels decorated with a thin stripe of crystals click on the editorial wish list as soon as they appeared on the Zara website in the “news” tab. Now they deliver to the “sales” department and cost less than PLN 60 (sic!). Unfortunately, most sizes online have already reached sold out status. However, it is worth looking for them stationary – they give character to any styling, office style, but also to everyday and even evening styles.

Price: PLN 59.90 (before a discount PLN 139.00)

The orange color is a new pink. Thanks to the director of the creative fashion house Prada, it adorns the most sought-after accessories and accessories of the spring-summer 2022 season. If your workplace allows minor deviations from the strict rules of the business dress code, experiment with the lush color of office-style Sicilian orange groves. These neon ankle strap ducklings from Mohito make an impressive contrast to monochromatic suits and suits.

Price: PLN 89.99 (before a discount of PLN 119.99)

These are the most fashionable (and the most spectacular) sandals for the summer of 2022. They are already known to fans of the aesthetics of the 70s. >>

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