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The Yamaha XSR900 is arguably one of the best naked men in the mid-range. It looks great, has high equipment, drives very well. Read the test of Operation Summer 2022!

Riding the new Yamaha XSR900 I get the feeling that this might be one of the best naked guys on the market! This opinion is partly due to the factsand part of Personal preferences† Let me tell you what and how.

What is the Yamaha XSR900?

XSR series motorcycles, bearing the slogans Faster Sons or Sport Heritage, in Yamaha’s case, are more or less modified MT series Nakedas. In our particular case, we get the MT-09, but in much more stylish attire and with a few changes and additions.

XSR900 hides modern technological solutions, but stylistically refers to the model from the 80s Yamaha YZR 500on which Christian Sarron he fought in the Grand Prix, being the first to use the Deltabox frame in racing.

See also – first impressions of the XSR900 in the video:

Yamaha XSR900 – appearance

In my opinion, stylistically it is great! We’ve got a fuel tank with a 80s-inspired shape and intakes. The hump shape of the bench makes the bike look custom, but it’s still factory-built. The color of the paintwork is a little work of art, as is the way to hide the rear lamp under the seat. At the front is a classic (but LED) round headlight. I would also remove the license plate holder immediately – it’s just an easy change. Worse with clocks – it begs for a round, analog tachometer. However, you can’t have everything, so we get a square, small (but transparent and multifunctional) TFT display.

Let me remind you again: the XSR900 is based on the MT-09. Also, let me remind you that the design of the MT-09 is quite… debatable. In that regard, 900 crushes 09 with ease. For this reason alone, I would be willing to blindly choose XSR over MT.

Article on XSR900 2022

While working on the XSR900, engineers thoroughly rebuilt the rear subframe and adjusted the riding position as well. The saddle is moved forwards and downwards. The handlebars have also moved even more forward and more down. The footpegs, on the other hand, have been moved back and down (but adjustable). As a result, the position on the XSR900 is less upright and more reclining compared to the MT-09.

She may be less relaxed, but I don’t dream of complaining about the position. The big advantage is the feeling that you are “in”, not “on” a motorcycle. The couch is quite hard and after longer trips it’s worth stretching a bit and rubbing something-not-what.

Yamaha XSR900 2022: chassis and handling

Up front, there was a KYB fork with full adjustment (rebound, rebound, tension), while the central KYB shock remained adjustable only for tension and rebound. The suspension, as befits modern constructions, combines the guarantee of comfort in everyday use with the delivery of performance and sporting sensations in fast corners or even on the track. However, there is something else worth mentioning:

The geometry of the front part of the chassis remained identical to that of the MT-09. At the rear, the swingarm is 55mm longer. The XSR has become less nervous, is less aggressive on one wheel, has not changed direction so abruptly. And these are certainly not a disadvantage! It can be said that the XSR900 seems to be mature and has acquired a classic character. The result is an interesting combination of maneuverability and stability. Riding this bike, along with the aforementioned attitude, is pure enjoyment. This is the first thing you dream of getting out of bed on a Saturday morning.

Brakes and Brembo pump on the Yamaha XSR900

The braking system XSR900 2022 deserves much praise. The front axle has 298 mm discs and they work with typical Yamaha 4-piston calipers. So far nothing special. But on the right, there’s a spectacular-looking radial-mount Brembo master cylinder.

Works even better than it looks. It provides tremendous braking power without squeezing the lever firmly. The feel is also quite precise, though there is (on purpose) no sharp, sporty moment of the pads biting against the disc. To be completely happy, steel braided brake lines wouldn’t be available just yet.

IMU, electronics, quickshifter, assistants, cornering ABS, traction control: Yamaha XSR900

The big advantage of the XSR900 is the extensive equipment that is already included in the basic version. First of all, there’s an onboard quickshifter that works (smoothly and extremely satisfyingly) in both directions. I love him.

All other support systems work on the basis of a 6-axis IMU sensor, which allows them to accurately read the current situation of the motorcycle. In maintaining safety we are aided by: wheelie control, slide control, traction control – all multi-stage. In addition, there are also riding modes that change the nature of motorcycling.

Tilt sensitive ABS (BC2 mode) is essential. In combination with the IMU, the system doses the braking force appropriately to ensure complete stability regardless of the slope of the bend, whether you are driving downhill or uphill. Works effectively!

Yamaha XSR900 2022 – Motorcycle

I don’t know if it makes sense to say anything more about the CP3 unit. We know it well, and in this case it comes straight from the 2021 MT-09. So just to remind you: we have 3 cylinders in a row, 890 cm3 displacement, 119 hp power and 93 Nm of torque.

As always, this bike sounds interesting (I like it, but not everyone is a fan) and gets along well with the quickshifter. But more importantly, the CP3 offers plenty of meat and flexibility in the low-to-mid range of the rev counter, which is what useful daily spins are. The torque waveform is as flat as a table, so when it changes in revolutions, maximum power builds up linearly too – in the higher range, the XSR900 is really, really, really efficient. Here, the longer swingarm in particular shows its advantages, which improve stability and traction.


Now that we all know what the Yamaha XSR900 is, let me explain the statement in the first paragraph. XSR is only 5,000 more expensive than MT-09 and costs 51,600 PLN. This is a really good and competitive price for a motorcycle with such good equipment (suspension, electronics). In my opinion it looks great (and certainly many times better than the MT-09). And of course, most importantly, it drives great and provides great driving pleasure.

Is the XSR900 the best naked mid-range on the market? I have no idea. But I can definitely say it’s at the top of my personal list.

Specifications and more information about the XSR900

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