Warsaw. The citizens’ budget 2023 – results. Which projects are being carried out?

The results of the vote in the ninth edition of the citizens’ budget were announced. This time, residents of Warsaw could choose from 1,327 projects: 1189 districts and 138 citywide. It is already known that there will be no great return of the rainbow to Redeemer Square. On the other hand, many “green” initiatives are being prepared in the capital. The implementation of 326 winning projects will cost the city more than PLN 100 million.

A gala was held in the Palace of Culture and Science, at which the voting results in the municipal budget for 2023 were officially announced. Ideas submitted for the 9th edition could be supported by voting from 15 to 30 June. The inhabitants of the capital could choose from 1,327 proposals: 1,189 districts and 138 citywide. A total of 326 projects were selected for implementation.


– After nine years of operation of the citizens’ budget, I can confidently say that its projects have become a very important part of the urban fabric. The ideas reported and still reported by residents and residents of Warsaw make an invaluable contribution to the city’s activities and often surprise us with creativity and innovation. No one knows better than the residents what is needed in the immediate vicinity or municipality. Thank you for your willingness to act, creativity and commitment to change Warsaw – said Karolina Zdrodowska, director of the entrepreneurship and social dialogue coordinator during the gala.

green won

Looking at the voting results, it can be said that for Warsaw the priorities are in urban greenery activities, infrastructure and the implementation of ecological trends.

Of the general urban ideas, the “2050 trees for Warsaw” project received the most votes. More than 27,000 people voted for this task. Residents. – I would like to thank everyone who gave their valuable vote for this idea. The residents’ verdict is a victory for the environment and the vision of a green city. With this project we are going to make Warsaw green with lots of trees and shrubs. By submitting the proposal together with Iwona Żywko and Magda Dorożała, we wanted to leave Warsaw full of green and clean air for future generations – said Paweł Lenarczyk, author of the project and councilor of the Ursynów district of Poland 2050.

Only 124 fewer votes were awarded to “Asphalt Roads for Bicycles”. The initiators want new roads to be created in Warsaw and some of the existing ones to be modernized. The “Equipment Exchange at Warsaw SORs and First Aid” project was also highly supported. It is the allocation of PLN 4 million for this city.

Which projects are being carried out?UM Warsaw

The ideas: “More big trees in Warsaw” and “Warsaw two-way traffic by bike” also received more than 20,000 votes. The last idea is the most expensive citywide project. 6 million PLN will be allocated for its implementation.

In addition, as part of the civic budget, initiatives such as “menstrual station”, ie pink boxes of hygiene products in municipal toilets, workshops on combating violence, meetings with a midwife for teenagers or “Get up and exercise – active senior” will also be carried out.

The most expensive neighborhood project, in turn, is “New trees, benches and sidewalks in Praga-Południe” for 1.4 million PLN.

Savior Square remains without a rainbow

Among the city-wide projects voted on, ideas from the categories public space, greenery, environmental protection and sport dominated. Among them, a project referring to Julita Wójcik’s famous art installation “Rainbow”, which stood in Zbawiciela Square in 2012-2015.

“The project consists of erecting a small architectural object in the form of a broken arch on Plac Zbawiciela, under the name “LGBT + Arch”.

This is what the rainbow in Zbawiciela Square looked liketvnwarszawa.pl

According to the commitments of the initiators, the frame of the rainbow would be made of the least flammable materials and painted in the colors of the rainbow. If the project wins the votes of the residents, the installation can be built in June, the traditional month of equality. The cost of the possible implementation of the idea was estimated at PLN 650 thousand. zlotys.

It is already known that the rainbow will not be realized within the municipal budget. The project “Roztęczamy Warszawę” won 6,806 votes, 8,300 were needed. I hope the rainbow comes back one day – maybe next year the idea will be resubmitted, in better shape, and will it win? wrote one of the activists involved in this project on social media.

Citizens’ Budget 2023. “I File, Vote, Use”

88,861 people took part in the vote for the citizens’ budget. The 25-34 and 35-44 age groups voted the most willingly. As in previous years, women were the most active (62%). It is known that as many as 99 percent. votes were cast electronically and nearly 1/3 of those were cast on the last day of voting.

According to the municipal office, most projects this year were carried out in the districts of Bemowo (31), Mokotów and Włochy (24 each). But when it comes to the vote itself, the greatest interest was registered in Ursus. There, 73 people voted for every 1000 inhabitants of the district. The situation was similar in Białołęka (71 voters for 1000 inhabitants of the district).

In this year’s budget edition, the average cost of implementing a neighborhood project is PLN 232,697, while a city-wide project is PLN 1,378,940.

Let us remind you that thanks to the civic budget, loved by the residents of the graduation tower “Maciejka” in Ursynów:

The season of operation of the graduation towers “Maciejki” has begunMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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Main photo source: Waldemar Gorlewski / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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