Three stops for PLN 1 in Rybnik

Traveling by public transport around Rybnik is even more economical. From July 18 you travel three stops with an e-card for PLN 1! You can buy and top up the card in new ticket machines.

A ride for no less than three stops for PLN 1 is a solution that makes the public transport offer in Rybnik more attractive.

we bet On Ofbalancedand mobility urban, which is reflected in, among other things, promopublic transport development infrastructure bicycleentrance and pedestrian. I want to make traveling around Rybnik easy and comfortable, because it is one of the determining factors for the quality of life. st.would also pwe gradually change the face of transportcollectively, investing in modern solutions, improving the quality of service and offering passengers favorable offers – denotes the mayor of Rybnik. at Piotr Kuczera

Traveling three stops for a token zloty is the opportunity to travel comfortably and cheaply through much of the city:

I am very happy that, at a time when the fuel at stations in Rybnik is 7-8 PLN, we can take advantage of the offer of cheap travel buses† Traveling for PLN 1 over relatively frequently traveled distances is a good alternative to traveling by car. I hope that the residents of Rybnik will also benefit from this offer, who previously did not opt ​​for public transport as a way to get around the city – underlined Radoslaw KneszoChairman of the Committee for Transport and Urban Mobility in Rybnik City Council, who in a complex interpellation called for the introduction of a favorable solution for passengers of Rybnik buses.

For PLN 1, you can travel to the city center from, for example, Morocco-Nowiny, Smolna, Zamysłów or Rybnik-Północ districts. This proposal also allows an economic journey within the neighborhoods themselves, in which we deal with an important part of everyday life:

According to the “Transport behavior of residents of Polish cities” report, prepared by the Polish Smog Alert, shops and services are the most chosen destination for getting around the city. The survey results clearly show that 30% of journeys in the city do not exceed 5 km, and the journey itself does not exceed 20 minutes. Thanks to the possibility of traveling 3 stops for a symbolic zloty and a distance of about 0.5 – 1 km, we will be able to reach our destination more often for pennies – adds alderman Knesz.

Example routes for PLN 1: • line A, district Moroko-Nowiny, direction: center – stops: Rybnik Maroko Nowiny Chabrowa to Rybnik Śródmieście Court • line 46, district Śródmieście, direction Maroko-Nowiny – stops Rybnik Śródmieście Court to Rybnik Morocco Nowiny School • line 33 Chwałowice – stops Rybnik Śródmieście Court to Rybnik Chwałowice Mine • Line 18, 19, Śródmieście district, direction Paruszowiec – Stops Rybnik Śródmieście Kościuszko to Rybnik Paruszowiec-Piaski Point 13, Ryta Wolno Silesia • Line • Line Cross Huta, Silesia • Line Śródmieście district, direction Ligota-Ligocka Kuźnia – stops Rybnik Bazylika to Rybnik Ligota-Ligocka Kuźnia Kaplica • line 24, district Niewiadom, direction Niedobczyce – stops Rybnik Niewiazyb Mine Nignacy to Stadium Rybnik I Niewia.

The possibility of getting around the city for a small fee also fits in with the popular 15-minute city concept in Europe, which is based on the possibility to easily reach all important places of social life in 15 minutes.


E-card holders can use the promotional price of Rybnik public transport for 1 zloty.

What are the advantages of the e-card in the case of Zarregistration of departure from the bus?

(according to the price list, which will be in effect from July 18 this year)• A journey by bus on a line that does not exceed 3 stops in zone 0:PLN 1• Travel by bus of any line on 3 stops in zone 0:

PLN 2.4 instead of PLN 5 (respectively: PLN 1.2 instead of PLN 2.5 in case of a discounted ticket) • Travel on any bus line in zone 1:

PLN 3.60 instead of PLN 5 (respectively: PLN 1.8 instead of PLN 2.5 in the case of a reduced ticket) • Travel on the following bus within 20 minutes of registering the exit in the previous one: PLN 0.5

More information about the current ticket prices

An electronic ticket is an economical solution in terms of money, but also in time – paying the fare to the driver can cause delays on the bus route. The e-card is for sale at the Municipal Sales Points (MPS) and Commercial Sales Points (KPS), the list of which can be found on the website of the company Stadsvervoer Rybnik in the tab e-card. The availability of e-cards and the possibility to top up them has been improved by ticket machines:

It was installed in the city space 10 ticket machines that top up subscriptions and send e-mailsa card for one-time travel. Ticket machines are wheelchair friendly and meet European standards for accessibility for people with reduced mobility and visual impairment. The devices are equipped with LED lighting and touchscreens. The ticket machine at the train station also issues e-cards, and the one that will be installed on Plac Wolności has Additionally official CDM function – informs Lukasz Kosobuckicchairman of the board of directors of the company Komunikka Miejska Rybnik.

Ticket machines, equipped with TOTUPOINT tags, are installed at the following stops: • Śródmieście Court • Boguszowice Swimming Pool • Chwałowice Mine • Niedobczyce Wrebowa • Morocco Nowiny Budowlanych • Public Transport Station • Kamień Szkoła (not yet included in the system) • Zebrzydowice • Hospital Orzepowice • Train Station Śródmieście • Śródmieście Plac Wolności (assembled soon)

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