The draft regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education on the professional promotion of teachers has been submitted for consultation

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has submitted for public consultation a draft regulation on the new rules for the professional promotion of teachers, including the methods of preparation for the profession, as well as the assessment of the appointed teacher and the qualification for the level of certified teacher.

The draft regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education concerning the achievement of professional promotion figures by teachers is a result of the June amendment to the teachers’ charter, which, among other things, introduces changes in the career development of teachers. The amendment will now be considered by the Senate. Then he returns to the Sejm and goes to the office of the president.

According to the design, the first stage of promotion will be the degree of appointed teacher, for which a young teacher can apply after 4 years of work. During this period, the young teacher will not do an internship for 3 years and 9 months, but “preparation for the profession”.

The draft regulation specifies, among other things, the way of preparing for the teaching profession.

The head of the school or other educational institution where the teacher preparing for the profession works is obliged to provide him/her with support, including, among other things, assigning him a mentor from among appointed and certified teachers.

A teacher entering the profession, while preparing for the teaching profession, “will be asked to familiarize himself with the organization, duties and rules of the functioning of the school, to teach the lessons that suit him entrusted and participate in work related to the implementation of the school’s teaching, teaching, care and other legal duties arising from the needs of the school and the local community, and participate as an observer in activities conducted by a mentor or other teacher”.

During the preparation for the profession, the teacher should also – as we read in the project – evaluate his own work and use the results to improve further work, as well as share knowledge with other teachers as part of professional development in school.

Open classes in the second year are conducted in the presence of the school principal, mentor and methodological counselor or a teacher advisor, representative of the pedagogical supervisory authority or a certified teacher who teaches the same subject or gives the same type of classes, working in the same or another school .

The lessons opened in the last preparatory year are given in the presence of a committee appointed by the headmaster, which will issue a positive or negative advice after the lessons.

One of the provisions of the draft regulation regulates the functioning of the committee appointed by the school principal to evaluate the open classes taught by a teacher preparing for the profession in the last year of the above preparation.

“After carrying out the above during the lessons, the committee will discuss the activities with the teacher, referring to his skills, in particular in the areas of flexible response to the changing situation in the classroom, personal culture and verbal and non-verbal communication between the student and the teacher “- stressed.

The committee will also conduct a discussion with the teacher about the methodology of the lessons given and individualization of teaching, whereby the teacher will perform the task indicated by the committee using multimedia tools, if such tools have not been used by the teacher during the classes.

In the event of a negative recommendation, the teacher has the right to apply to the principal of the school to reschedule the lessons. If he does not hand it in or if he receives a negative advice from the committee after giving the lessons, he is obliged to undergo an additional preparation for the teaching profession for a year and 9 months.

The regulation also describes the rules for applying for promotion to the rank of appointed teacher by a teacher preparing for the profession and the rules for applying for promotion to the rank of qualified teacher by an appointed teacher.

The regulation will come into effect on September 1, 2022, ie with the entry into force of the amendment to the Teachers’ Statute in the field of changes in professional promotion.

The project is here

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