Summer trends 2022. Fashion earrings are for sale at Reserved

Earrings are one of the accessories worth looking out for during the sale on Reserved. The chain has lowered the prices of some designs, including the minimalist and colorful ones. They are perfect for holiday styling.

You already have ready-made clothing sets for your vacation, but you are missing an interesting accessory? Look out for the colorful earrings that can break many classic outfits and be a hit of the summer of 2022. We will buy them on sale for Reserved for PLN 20.

Summer trends 2022: Discounted earrings from Reserved

Reserved not only sells fashionable clothing, but also jewelry. This year it is especially worth betting on the one with a dominant color. The above-mentioned net has a model ideally suited to current trends.

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The earrings made of red and green beads attract attention. The whole is made in the form of minimalist strawberries suspended on gold-coloured wheels.

With this design we now pay PLN 19.99 instead of PLN 39.99 – that is half less than before. Interestingly, this model is designed for mothers-to-be and comes from a limited collection /stylzycia / https://stylzycia.radiozet. pl/ https: // // // // stylzycia / https: //stylzycia.radiozet. pl/ https: // // // // stylzycia / https: //stylzycia.radiozet. pl/ https: // // // // stylzycia / https: //stylzycia.radiozet. pl/ https: // // // // stylzycia / https: //stylzycia.radi https: // // // // stylzycia / https: //stylzycia. htt ps: // // // // //stylzycia / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ps: // // // // // .

The earrings are made of glass, brass and steel in accordance with the idea of ​​environmentally friendly technology. Look what they look like.

Earrings from Reserved

photo Colorful earrings for women from Reserved

Summer Trends 2022: Reserved

Currently, sales of up to -70% are underway in reserved stores. We can find clothes from almost every category. Chain stores are increasingly reminding you that the big discount season will soon end, so if you haven’t shopped yet, it’s worth not putting it off until the last minute.

Fashion trends for 2022

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