Shoes and a handbag for summer 2022. How do you combine them? Discover the TOP 5 duos for all occasions this season!

Always had a problem with the perfect combination of shoes and handbag? Never again! We help you create fashionable sets for every occasion. We have prepared no less than 5 TOP duets for you, including day, office, date or wedding proposals. Check out how to pair shoes with a handbag in the summer of 2022 to not make a fashion slip!

How do you combine shoes with a handbag in the summer of 2022? Do the shoes and the handbag have to be the same color?

So as not to keep you in suspense for too long, we’ll start by answering the age-old question in the fashion world: should shoes and a handbag be the same color? Certainly not. Such a set is of course not a stylish blunder and can be chosen for any occasion. However, nothing can stop you from going a little crazy and mix colors and patterns of shoes and bags in many ways. Summer 2022 trends even encourage you to do just that!

What is worth remembering when making a set of shoes with a handbag? It pays to adapt them to the occasion. While you have a huge field to show off daily or during events, during official outings you should focus on understated and classic combinations. Other styling elements are equally important. If your look is typically basic, then instead of a handbag and shoes of the same color, choose accessories full of patterns or in contrasting colors† You can also be inspired by fashion bloggers who know very well which shoes with a handbag look the best.

1. Everyday duo for summer 2022? Braided flip flops and a basket bag are the best combination!

Everyday outfits are definitely our favorites. Why? Because the only limit when filling it in is your imagination! One of our summer 2022 favorites is a duo of woven flip flops and a basket handbag. This is a perfect set for the city, shopping and the beach. Girls prefer to wear them beige shoes with a purse of the same shade† However, nothing prevents you from clicking >> . to betpink slippers<< to a basket with tassels or floral stitching.

2. Chanel style pumps and a shopping bag – a summer shoe set idea with a handbag for work

The trends for the summer of 2022 are shoes that are the essence of timeless style and elegance. Chanel style pumps, because that’s what we’re talking about, are a great idea to complement the office style. How do you combine such shoes with a handbag in a work look? Cult models with a black nose are worth wearing together with a messenger bag. The minimalism goes well with the classic look of pumps and the long strap provides comfort. Don’t go crazy with colors in office styling. instead of this For beige shoes, choose a bag of the same or similar color† You can also choose black accessories for Chanel style pumps.

3. Sneakers and a shopper – a duo for the summer of 2022 in the style of fashionable convenience and comfort

Who said only backpacks or kidneys are good for sports styling? An equally fantastic choice is to bet on sports shoes with a shopper bag, which will get an impressive XXL size in the summer of 2022† This is good news for girls who never fit in suitcases or small backpacks. Which shoes and a handbag provide a set full of stylish ease and comfort? Bet on >>white sneakers<< on a chunky sole and add a red, pink or brown quilted shopper to it.

4. Ballerinas and a baguette bag – the perfect set of shoes and handbags for a summer 2022 date

If you want to look girly and at the same time be comfortable on your upcoming date, the only right choice is a duo of ballet flats and a baguette bag. Romantic and in line with the trends for the summer of 2022, the set of shoes and handbags is a great addition to breezy dresses, mini skirts worn with crop tops, and even cigarillos and a shirt if you want to add a touch of elegance to the whole. We especially recommend leather shoes with baguette in a strong juicy color – green, orange or pink.

5. An elegant handbag and high heels for a wedding – this set is a hit of the summer of 2022

The hit of the summer 2022, which is also a timeless set? The answer is simple – elegant handbag and high heels for a wedding† It’s a duo that can’t go wrong and goes well with any outfit – dress, jumpsuit, suit or a set with a skirt and a top. Number one among girls is >>clutch bag<< - small, handy and stylish.

Classic high heels, pumps or high heels are the perfect companion for an XS-sized handbag. If your outfit is understated and minimalist, don’t be afraid to go crazy with accessories. Two bright colors or expressive prints are welcome. However, if the dress itself is richly decorated – bet minimalist shoes with a handbagfor example grey, beige or black.

Shoes with a handbag should form a harmonious and coherent duo. However, this does not mean that they have to be the same color or material. In the summer of 2022, it is worth experimenting with different combinations, not just the ones we suggested in our article. Good luck!

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