Reconstruction of access roads to the port. Gdańsk has submitted projects under the Polish Deal

On Wednesday, Gdansk President Aleksandra Dulkiewicz announced that officials on Tuesday submitted two applications to the Polish Order Public Fund: Strategic Investment Program to co-finance industrial investments around the port of Gdańsk. The amount requested for both projects is PLN 350 million.

As Dulkiewicz emphasized, industrial zones will be subsidized under the fifth edition of the program.

– Our city has such industrial zones. They are mainly related to ports – pointed out to the president.

Deputy Mayor of Gdańsk Piotr Grzelak, who attended the conference, explained that in the geopolitical situation with the blockade of Ukrainian ports and when the role of the port in St. Petersburg, which – as Grzelak noted – was a competitor of the port of Gdansk.


The first project concerns the extension and modernization of the core network nodes in the Port of Gdansk in the field of road and rail infrastructure, including the modernization of parts of the road network at ul. Ku Ujście, ul. Kujawska and ul. Pharmacists serving the quay of the Inner Harbor of the Right Bank.

As part of the project, it is also planned to reconstruct the associated infrastructure (rainwater drainage, water and sewerage, gas, electricity, lighting and telecommunications networks). The investment site is the right bank area of ​​the Inner Harbor in Gdańsk. The main objective of the assignment is to increase access to investment areas located in the Port Area. The technical condition of the infrastructure in the Port of Gdansk area will improve significantly, which in turn will help improve reloading, increase security and improve access to the port from the land side. The value of the project is estimated at 250 million PLN.

The second project is the construction of a road network in the Northern Port area of ​​Gdańsk. It includes the construction of two new roads in the area of ​​Profesora W. Andruszkiewicza Street, the construction of the intersection of Profesora W. Andruszkiewicza Streets and the planned future ul. Nowa Portowa, construction of a connection with Profesora W. Andruszkiewicza street across Trasa Sucharskiego towards Warsaw, construction of a connection between Trasa Sucharskiego and the existing Sucharskiego street, construction of safety measures for PERN and Lotos transmission pipelines.

As part of the investment, it is envisaged to extend the existing road network and build a new road network along with associated infrastructure (including drainage) in the area that forms the logistics and investment base of the Northern Port in Gdańsk. The main objective of the assignment is to increase the accessibility of investment areas in the Northern Port area by facilitating road traffic in the aspect of intensive development of the logistics and industrial base. Officials estimate that the value of this project will be about PLN 100 million.


Deputy director of the City Hall’s Investment Projects Department, Bernard Nalewajko, emphasized that the financing of the Polish Deal will be 98 percent.

– Since we got the promise, we have 9 months to start the tender process – he stressed and added that there is no specific time when the investment should be made.

Piotr Grzelak said that if financing could be secured, the investments would end in 2026.

Gdask President Aleksandra Dulkiewicz ruled at Wednesday’s conference that as a result of the Polish Order and tax changes that came into effect on July 1, Gdańsk’s budget is PLN 470 million lower from current income.

– Today, the problem of our and other local governments is the declining current income in relation to the dynamically growing expenditure – emphasized the president.

Officials from Gdańsk reported that the city had applied for funding for eight projects in previous editions of the Polish Deal. In the first edition of the Strategic Investment Program, the City of Gdańsk has obtained PLN 80 million for the reconstruction of Kielnieńska Street. The project is in the tendering phase.

In the second edition, Gdańsk received funding for the construction of the first phase of ul. Nowa więtokrzyska. The investment costs amount to PLN 90 million. In April this year. a tender has been announced. The tenders are then scheduled to open in August.

Two more applications have been submitted in the third edition, this edition has not yet been completed. Projects submitted under the project include the construction of the GOKF Youth Sports Center in Gdańsk. Grunwaldzka 244 and reconstruction of Tęczowa Street.

The fourth edition was about spa municipalities and municipalities with the status of protection zones for spas. In this edition, Gdansk was not eligible to submit such applications.

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