James May Visits a Cheese Bar and More During “James May: Our Man in Italy”

Hello viewers! James May has a new mission. And no, this is not Richard Hammond’s credit for his ability to collide with things.

Will the Grand Tour host reach la dolce vita during the second season of his travel series James May: Our Man in Italy? The six-episode series will premiere on Prime Video on July 15, 2022.

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James traveled to Japan for the first season of James May: Our Man in…, where he fully immersed himself in Japanese culture with his signature sense of humor. James May: Our guy in Italy seems to be the same format based on the trailer.

So which historic Italian places did James visit to experience la dolce vita? Here’s what we know about the filming locations of James May: Our Man in Italy.

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James May no longer has a credit card limit somewhere in Italy.

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James’s Italian journey begins in southern Italy, in Sicily’s capital, Palermo. The historic port city has many tourist attractions, from ancient castles, to its proximity to the picturesque beach of Mondello, to Italy’s largest opera house – Teatro Massimo.

The official James May: Our Man in Italy photo shows James playing the violin under the watchful eye of a stringed instrument maker. Radio Times confirmed that James’ musical moment was filmed in Cremona

You ask why play the violin in Cremona? The town was once home to the most famous luthier of them all – Antonio Stradivarius!

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There are no obligations here, James.

James does one thing regarding the car in Our Man in Italy.

The Grand Tour fans would be completely bereft if James May hadn’t filmed at least one car-related episode during James May: Our Man in Italy. After all, Ferrari and Lamborghini are, in fact, Stradivarius of the automotive world.

Fun fact: Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari himself once insulted a man named Ferruccio. Ferrari said he made the best cars in the world and Ferruccio was just a tractor manufacturer. Ferruccio decided to use the Ferrari insult as fuel and started his own luxury sports car company that bears his name – Lamborghini!

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So James Team Ferrari or Lamborghini? According to the same report, Radio Times is similar to the previous one. James will visit the Ferrari Fiorano test track in Maranello.

Source: Prime Video

We can’t even afford to look at Ferrari after James May.

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James ran into some technical difficulties by posting a short clip of his visit to the Montese cheese bank on his Twitter page, at one point he stopped and posted a picture of a cute donkey instead. Thanks to the magic of la dolce vita, the cheese clip James tried to post seems heavily embedded on his Twitter.

So what’s so interesting about a room full of cheeses if you don’t like Parmesan?

Here’s another attempt at uploading this clip. The moment can be lost. pic.twitter.com/7sZx8y0kfK

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When we said cheese bank we weren’t kidding! It seems that James has visited the bank Credito Emiliano. According to a Forbes report, the bank accepts cheese as collateral for loans to small businesses.

James’ Italian tour ends in the Dolomites, a scenic mountain range in the Northern Italian Alps. Book your tickets to Italy now, because we are sure James May: Our man in Italy will cause a serious case of vagabond.

Look at it this way: a plane ticket to Italy costs less than a Ferrari!

James May: Our Man in Italy premiered on Prime Video on Friday, July 15, 2022.

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