Innovative design. Significant increase in security in the region

11 units of the brand new Ford Ranger WildTrack model were donated to the poviats by the voivodeship Marshal Andrzej Buła. 4×4 vehicles will be used by County Crisis Management Center employees. Physically, the cars will arrive in the poviats next week.

More than PLN 4 million, of which almost 3 million 500 thousand from EU funding, was allocated to the purchase of modern all-terrain vehicles. Such an opportunity was presented by the project: “Supporting crisis management services in Opolskie Voivodeship through the purchase of specialized means of transport with equipment to counter and mitigate the effects of threats, including those related to COVID-19”. Two vehicles go to Opole and one to the following places: Brzeg, Głubczyce, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Kluczbork, Krapkowicki, Nysa, Oleski, Prudnik and Strzelce. They are all equipped with the necessary modern equipment.

Andrzej Buła, the Marshal of the Opolskie Voivodeship mentions that the first plans to buy such cars were born during a conversation with the starost of Głubczyce Piotr Soczynskic† – In the south of the Opole region, in the poviats of Głubczyce, Prudnik or Krapkowice, our rivers often overflow. Then we started talking about the extensive purchase of equipment needed to help. Now we also had to deal with COVID, and then with a war over the eastern border of our country. The pandemic situation meant that there were opportunities for such purchases with EU funding – Marshal Andrzej Buła says.

– The equipment of the car includes: winch, trailer hitch, additional covers for the engine, gearbox and fuel tank, additional roof lighting, additional parking heater, radio station, sound system with which to send sound messages – says the Marshal. Additional equipment also includes a pneumatic tent, power generator, heater, table, bed, chairs, protective suit, defibrillator, drone, protective masks, disposable gloves, virus-killing liquids, tactical flashlights.

Simon Annuaz, member of the board of directors of the voivodeship, he was responsible for the preparation of car purchases on the part of the voivodeship self-government side. – These cars are going to help the crisis service. We know that such equipment was lacking in our Voivodeship. When we were preparing to buy, we were dealing with the peak incidence of COVID – says Szymon Ekspaza.

De Kluczbork poviat, who stated that the entire tender procedure would be carried out, assisted in the purchase of the cars. The leader was the self-government of the Opolskie Voivodeship.

All representatives of the starosty unanimously say that such cars were very much missed. Arthur Nowak of the board of Kluczbork states that the purchase has been completed at a rapid pace. – These cars are essential during natural disasters. We often have to deal with storms these days. Rapid action is needed here. In order to avoid separate tenders for each poviat, we decided to make a purchase for the entire voivodship – he says.

Andrzej Kruczkiewicz, Nysa’s staros adds that its poviats, including the Prudnik and Głubczyce poviats, are exposed to flooding due to their location. – This is our nightmare, and cars are essential. Units are going to save their belongings, we have to join them more than once – says the staros. Oleska starosta Roland Fabianek says the weather is always surprising. – So far we have used fire brigades, professional or volunteer vehicles. The car can go anywhere, even in difficult terrain. We are happy to have such a car, but our wish is that it is used as little as possible, because it means going through disasters – says Roland Fabianek. The stars of Krapkowice Maciej Sonik remembers the flood. – We are 25 years after the flood of the millennium. The experience of that time left a lasting mark on the memory. It must be admitted that since then the situation of limiting the consequences of flooding for our poviat has not changed. Our center is open 24 hours a day, says Maciej Sonik.

Joseph Gisman, The Deputy Star of Kędzierzyn-Koźle emphasizes that Kędzierzyn-Koźle is one of the few cities in Poland with a high risk of chemical contamination. – We also had a storm in Landzmierz, flooding. So far we have used emergency vehicles or our friends’ cars. This car is not only suitable for rough terrain, but also well equipped. Additional marking helps us identify in areas where activities are being performed. Previously, there were misunderstandings when we drove our passenger cars, he says Józef Gisman

Starost of the Brest poviat Jacek Monkiewicz admits that the current car had to be scrapped due to its condition. – We missed such a vehicle. This project is of great importance for the Brest poviat and flood protection, he says.

Anita Juchno The deputy staros of the Głubczyce poviat admits that the border area and the frequent crossing of waters make the area particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. – We would like to use this car as little as possible, but we know how necessary this means of transport is. In recent years, when we fought against COVID-19, we showed that – says Anita Juchno.

Vice Mayor of Opole Masgorzata Stelnicka adds that the region’s capital is an accumulation of many institutions, a workplace for many people. – It is also a city on the Oder, which can surprise you. These two cars will be very useful for crisis management services, he says

Strzelce staroste Józef Swaczynac padmits that so far employees of the Poviat Crisis Management Center have driven private cars. – I remember 2008 when a tornado hit our poviat. At that time, we mainly felt the hardware shortages – he says – This kind of equipment has never been in the Prudnik poviat. It is an all-terrain vehicle that can be used in floods and fires. There’s a winch here and a generator that we’ll use in rescue operations. This is a turning point for us – he adds Radoslaw Roszkowski the staros of Prudnik.

Let’s add that Opolskie is one of the few regions that has decided to make the purchase of cars for the County Crisis Management Centers complete and uniform.

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