Do you want to create an intelligent home that is ready for summer?

Thanks to Yale’s intelligent security equipment, the summer season will run smoothly

Summer has finally arrived and with it a series of security challenges. Whether you are flying on a well-deserved vacation, organizing activities for children during the holidays or managing a rented property during the high season. This summer you need devices to keep your home safe and your vacation time to pass

Yale’s range of intelligent security products are perfect for managing your busy summer schedule. To show how versatile these devices are, Yale lists many reasons why intelligent security is a godsend for any busy family or property owner during the summer season.

Manage your home efficiently, wherever you are

Just because you’re not home doesn’t mean all activity stops there. You want to be sure that your home is remotely managed and secure at the same time. So you need to know exactly who was present during your absence.

The Yale Linus® Smart Lock can help you efficiently manage your home from anywhere in the world. Allows you to give virtual keys to the person walking the dog, housekeeper, housekeeper or neighbors so that they can enter and take care of your home while enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Give your children more freedom during this year’s summer holidays

In the summer, when there are no school hours, your children have much more free time. They also expect more freedom outside the home and making key copies for them is a time-consuming task for parents. There is also the risk that one of your children will lose their spare key.

Linus® is the perfect device for busy families who want to make the most of their free time in the summer. Thanks to this, kids can open doors with smartphones or a PIN using Yale’s smart keyboard. They can come in and go out when you need to, without worrying about the keys. If they forget to close the door behind them, no problem! Linus® automatically locks the door when someone leaves the house, so users can rest assured that both their children and their home are safe at all times!

Prepare your home for summer rental

Summer is the hottest time for rental properties, and Yale smart devices can help you prepare your rental property or AirBnB for the tourist season!

After a long flight, your tired and stressed guests dream of rest. They will not want to waste time looking for a shelter to find the keys to the apartment. Thanks to the Linus® zipper, your guests don’t have to worry about it. You can email them a code beforehand and ask them to enter it on the Yale Smart Keyboard. It will allow them easily enter the house and start your holiday in peace.

Your rental home can become even smarter if you integrate smart Philips Hue lighting with the Linus® Smart Lock. You can program all the lights in your home to turn off when guests leave that day and turn on when they return. You will save money while also impressing your guests, who are always greeted by a warm, cozy interior when they return to the rented apartment.

Enjoy your stay outdoors thanks to the possibilities of an intelligent home

Moving between home and garden has never been easier with Yale Smart Home devices!

Busy grilling and can’t get the door open for guests? Not only does your smart speaker provide the perfect party playlist, but thanks to Linus® Smart Lock integration, it can also unlock the guest door remotely with a single voice command! Linus® integrates with leading smart speakers such as Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant to keep your outdoor activities undisturbed this summer!

Ensure the safety of your home while traveling

Summer is made for travel! In the two years that you have been home, you may have neglected protection a little. Perhaps it is worth preparing the house for a long absence?

Sync Smart Home Alarm is the best home security for travel. integration With intelligent lighting, Philips Hue creates an alarm that deters intruders and warns neighbors of suspicious activity. Alrm Sync also offers an extended range of up to 200 meters to protect all outdoor buildings within your property. Customize it with up to 40 additional accessories or smart Yale cameras for indoor and outdoor use. This allows you to further increase the security of your home so that your home is always safe, wherever you are.

Summer is here to enjoy! At Yale, we are committed to making life easier for you and your family. This is why Yale smart home devices are essential to ensure everyone can get the most out of their summer vacation.

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