Ways to travel cheaply. Where to find cheap tickets and accommodation

Tickets for a dozen zlotys, discounts on restaurant bills, free sightseeing. Natalia loves to travel and can organize any trip much cheaper than most Poles.

  • – Let’s also pay attention to promotions, some carriers give discounts for specific days – says Natalia, who has a travel profile on Instagram Where, at the same time?
  • Advises you not to buy tickets on weekends. – Then most people start searching and the algorithm automatically increases the prices
  • —We don’t look at what the competition has to offer. People go to the most popular page to search for flights or go to a travel agency they’ve traveled with and buy what’s offered to them, she says
  • When it comes to the cost of tickets, sometimes you can save a lot by choosing a connecting flight
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Klaudia Stabach: Let’s start with whether it is still possible to travel cheaply with the current inflation and crises in the airline industry?

Natalie: It is undoubtedly more difficult than it was three years ago. There are no longer so many offers for flights of a few or tens of zlotys, accommodation prices are going up. However, if we find out a little and spend our time above all, we can still find real gems.

What advice do observers ask you most often?

Where can you find cheap flights and where do you start the switch from traveling with a travel agency to organizing your own trips.

Then explain it step by step.

First you need to choose the direction, check the rules of entry, the validity of our documents and what the weather is like on the date you are interested in. Flights may be cheap, because that’s where the rainy season takes place. Only later do we have to look for accommodation, see how public transport works, how to get to the airport and what attractions are available. Before departure, it is also worth checking whether you can easily pay by card on site and where it is better to exchange cash.

What is the most common mistake we make when organizing a holiday ourselves?

We don’t look at what the competition has to offer. People go to the most popular flight search page or go to a travel agency they have traveled with and buy what is offered to them. Meanwhile, a few feet away or on another side can be the same for a much better price.

What are your proven and safe ways to buy the best offer?

When it comes to the cost of tickets, you can sometimes save a lot by choosing a connecting flight. I recently flew to Albania via Denmark. It cost me four times less than a direct flight. Let’s also pay attention to promotions, some carriers give discounts for specific days. And avoid buying tickets on weekends. That’s when most people start searching and the algorithm automatically increases the prices.

I found a cheap flight more than once, but the baggage allowance was several times higher than the price.

That’s why I put myself in a small backpack. And that doesn’t mean I wear one dress for a week. I only take things that don’t need ironing and things that I actually wear. I wash most of them on the spot and put them back on. No hassle when flying to hotspots. Of course this comes out of your comfort zone, but if we want to save, we have to take some changes into account.

I have the impression that this convenience sometimes prevents us from changing our habits, but the fear of wasting our free time or being cheated on. Sticking to proven places and pages may just be the result of this.

This is certainly one of the reasons. I myself have been cheated several times. Before the pandemic I bought tickets from one of the brokers and when the lockdown came the company did not refund my money or issue a voucher. Twice it turned out that my hotel does not exist. In Thailand I booked a stay several months in advance and before the trip took place the building was demolished and no one informed me. In Malta, on the other hand, the building existed, but no one has ever rented housing there.

How to avoid such situations?

Now I have three good ways to verify lodging facilities. The first is to check reviews and pick those places that get really good ratings. The second is to put the hotel address on Google Maps and verify that the building is actually there. The third way is trivial, but I have the impression that in the internet age people have forgotten about it, that is, just write down a phone number and call or at least send a short email.

How to save on the spot?

If we focus on sightseeing, let’s check all the attractions on the internet beforehand. Often tickets and tickets are cheaper when we buy them online and in advance. In addition, students with an ISIC card can enter for free in many places in the EU. It also happens that the locals offer a city tour of several hours and do not want money for it. You can check it out on Greeters.

You can also save on food and I don’t mean giving up eating in restaurants. I regularly use applications that give you a discount on the bill (“The Fork”) or you can pick up excess food from the restaurant (“Too Good To Go”) to book a table in advance.

Hint what is the currently not obvious low budget holiday destination.

Definitely Macedonia. The Poles have already discovered that it is worthwhile to spend their holidays in the Balkans, but they mainly choose Montenegro and Albania. Although it is difficult to find a cheap flight to Macedonia from Poland, you can fly to the capital of Albania and then take the three-hour bus to Macedonia. On site you can rent a car at an affordable price and have a good dinner for only PLN 10.

Every journey has a large ecological footprint. Thinking about it when booking your next flight?

I am aware of the impact this has on the ecology, but I believe that the average Kowalski does not have as much freedom of choice as international companies. Positive changes should start there. In addition, I assume that I will benefit more if I follow the basic rules of taking care of the environment on a daily basis than if I stop traveling by plane.

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