Travel 2022: which Greek island will you choose for this year’s holiday?

It seems that 2021 was not yet ready for full-time tourism. Meanwhile, the summer of 2022 has a lot to offer. Tourist resorts around the world are inviting more visitors and airlines are opening new routes. This is a sign that it’s time to go on a coveted vacation after a long lockdown. Where the hot sun, azure water, excellent food and an atmosphere that will relax everyone? Only in Greece, necessarily on the island. But which? We advise where to go in Hellas and enjoy a fantastic holiday.

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Greece, the azure blue paradise

Guaranteed weather and a beautiful view. Greece delights its visitors at every stage of their journey. You can come back to it endlessly. Golden beaches, excellent food, atmospheric music, waterfalls and beautiful nature. What else do you want? You have to choose a place, and since Greece offers many, you can visit it almost every year. What should we choose from?

Mykonos, the favorite island of celebrities

If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet area, Mykonos is definitely there. This island can be called the Greek Ibiza. Most visited by celebrities from all over the world. This is where Ewa Chodakowska and Julia Wieniawa like to spend their holidays. Beautiful beaches with a vibrant nightlife ensure that you can have a great time both day and night. There is no shortage of luxury boats and 5-star hotels. White windmills and the ubiquitous pelicans, which look very exotic, add to the island’s charm.

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Magical Santorini

This is probably an island that everyone knows, not just from postcards with white houses and blue skies. Santorini has become a legend and is the most visited Greek island. It’s worth finding out about this at the end of the season or at all if you don’t want to disappear in the crowd of tourists. It is here that you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Volcanic beaches, red cliffs and the endless waters of the Mediterranean make this island impossible not to fall in love with. Santorini is famous for its local wine. The most popular variety is assyrtiko.


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The intimate coves of Corfu

If your dream vacation is endless skies, white beaches and azure waters, Corfu is the perfect place to relax. Although the island is becoming more and more popular, you will not experience any crowds. Instead, you are welcomed by cozy pubs, beautiful coves that are often only available to you and no one else. While on Corfu, be sure to try the local honey, olive oil and sheep yogurt, and for dessert a fruit ice cream called kumquat. Only in Corfu are these Chinese citrus fruits.

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Crete, a real pearl among the Greek islands

Crete is a true paradise for lovers of good food, sunbathing, beautiful lagoons and shopping. One of the largest Greek islands with cities like Heraklion, Rethymno and Chania, but also charming towns, which delight with their atmospheric streets and hidden beaches. Crete is also an ideal place to combine relaxation with sightseeing, such as the phenomenal palace in Knossos.

For those who sometimes like postcards must see there will be Elafonisi and Balos, beautiful lagoons with almost transparent water.

Elafonisi, Crete

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Rhodes, the island of butterflies

The now-defunct Colossus of Rhodes hails from Rhodes. It was probably 32 meters high and was counted among the seven wonders of the world. Besides the beautiful and charismatic capital, in Rhodes you can spend your holidays in beautiful cities away from the crowds. The first traces of settlement on the island date back to 1550-1410 BC, so they have an amazing history.

The famous Rhodian law was developed in Lindos, the second largest on the island, which is the popular maritime code. It is he who regulates the rules of conduct at sea.

On Rhodes, it is impossible to miss the Butterfly Valley. This is a picturesque place that has become home to the yellow moth. Moist air allows these insects to develop and the greatest number can be seen from June to September. The butterflies floating in the sky look absolutely beautiful, and on some trails you don’t feel like you are in a real, exotic country anywhere.


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Whichever Greek island you choose for your vacation, you can be sure to bring back wonderful memories.

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