sunglasses for summer 2022

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The family brand of Gigi Studios from Barcelona, ​​​​following the lead of the most prominent fashion houses, combines modern design with respect for craftsmanship. – Our strength is also the Spanish lightness – says Patricia Ramo, chairman of the board and creative director. Glasses designed by her team can be purchased at the Spark Eye Concept Store in Warsaw’s Nowa Wola and in 200 opticians’ stores across Poland.

At Spark Eye Concept Store in Warsaw’s Nowa Wola district, every pair of glasses is unique, starting with the largest. The boutique’s customers are welcomed by a huge neon in the form of frames. The interior, reminiscent of the mid-century climate, is decorated with colorful mosaics and pastels. Fashionable furnishings, a wide range of sunglasses and a steady hand with which the owners run the salon prompted Patricia Ramo from Gigi Studios to enter into a permanent partnership with the city of Warsaw. The owner of the unique place is Tomasz Urban, the only distributor of the brand in Poland and the owner of Scorpion Eyewear.

Patricia Ramo (Photo: press material)
(Photo: press material)

The chairman of the board of directors of the family brand Barcelona carefully selects its team. Young women, like their boss, make up a large part of the several hundred employees. † I’m still thinking about how I can improve the operation of the company – says Ramo, who had no intention of working in the family business. She wanted to design, but when her grandfather died, she decided to inherit it. Luis, who ran the company from the early 1980s, introduced her to the company’s secrets from an early age. † I spent every summer vacation watching my father’s work – remembers Patricia. Her grandfather Fulgencio founded a frame factory in the 1960s. Patricia has been the chairman of the board of directors since 2015. Under her reign, Gigi Studios conquered new markets – today the glasses of the Catalan company can be bought in 45 countries around the world.

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The success of Gigi Studios is due to the unique combination of tradition and modernity. Just like in the days of her grandfather and father, Patricia ensures that every pair of sunglasses signed by her brand is expertly checked. No item leaves the production line without meeting these strict requirements. Creating frames takes a lot of time – the process is divided into 100 steps. Although Gigi Studios uses modern materials from Italy, Germany and Japan, fidelity to traditional craftsmanship remains paramount. The glasses are made by hand by experienced opticians.

The design, which is renewed every season, arouses admiration with its sculptural forms. † We play with size, strive for retro aesthetics and design boldly says Patricia. She likes an eclectic style herself – she dresses elegantly on a daily basis and during the holidays you usually see her in a boho dress. An indispensable addition to her look is, of course, a pair of glasses, scaled up a bit this season, in retro style.

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These are also the glasses from the Vanguard line, which responds to trends, is avant-garde and tough. There are frames with geometric shapes, scaled cuts, which combine an expressive shape with a light execution. Icons is a line of classics – frames that never go out of style, but are renewed every season. Experimentation is the domain of the Lab line, which uses the most modern materials.

The classic is mixed with the avant-garde, also in the male version. In addition to the regular collection, there is also an offer for teenagers. The Teens collection contains models of a smaller size. This season it has been supplemented by eight more models – five in acetate and three in stainless steel. The Aix is ​​a cat-shaped model, the Gretel is like 70s flying and the Lulu is round of swinging London.

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The common thread of the campaign for the current season is the slogan “As Far As I Can See”, which encourages you to see where your eyes can’t reach, measure from above, go against the grain. Gigi Studios encourages dreams, spontaneity and fun. All frames of this brand are full of life, original and unconventional.

Legacy collection (Photo: press material)

The Legacy capsule collection is also prepared for the spring-summer 2022 season. Three models made of Italian acetate are connected by a decorative chain on the front of the temple. The premiere of the collection was organized in Athens to highlight the ancient inspirations behind the projects.

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The campaign, of course, took place in Catalonia. David Gomez’s photos show the beauty of the region where the family business comes from. In the models from the latest collection, we will certainly see well-known fans of the brand: Emma Roberts, Jessica Biel and Charlize Theron. However, Patricia has no intention of stopping. He is currently working on the American version of the family brand – Miami. In a few years Gigi Studios will become a leading player in the market.

The latest collection was presented in Poland during GIGI Studios Warsaw Eyeshow 2022. Patricia Ramo welcomed journalists, influencers and stars to the Spark Eye Concept Store. Similar meetings were held in collaboration with partners of optical concepts: Optyk Brożek in Kraków, Optyka Rosiewicz in Bielsko-Biała and OS15 in Gdańsk.

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