Summer is the theft season. See how to minimize the risk of burglary

According to the police, 71,625 burglaries were found in the country in 2021, slightly less than in the previous year (72,502). Looking at the data for 2017-2019, this number is growing. The detection rate is also increasing. Still about 50 percent. events remain unexplained. Theft is most common during vacations, holidays and long weekends, and we currently have the most absent time of the year. So what to do to prevent the image of an empty apartment or house from giving us sleepless nights during the holidays?

Author: July 13, 2022 12:44 pm

  • The regions with the highest number of burglaries in 2021 are: Śląskie (10,370), Mazowieckie (9,969) and Dolnośląskie (9,845).
  • The lowest number of theft perpetrators was found in Mazowieckie, Lubuskie and Dolnośląskie Voivodeships.
  • Burglars are mainly seduced by electronic equipment – laptops, smartphones, but also jewelry and cash. They also reach for designer clothes and perfumes.

When we recharge the batteries during a long-awaited vacation, the last message we want to receive is that of a break-in at our house or apartment. It seems even worse to discover the consequences of the theft immediately after returning from vacation. There are ways to deter burglars and make it more difficult to break into our premises. Even if we don’t have a good neighbor to keep an eye on everything, we don’t have to reach for the creativity. We can block the activities of potential thieves in an easier way.

– First of all, make sure that the locks on the doors and all windows are properly closed. The advice may seem trivial, but in my years of experience, it’s worth starting with the basics. If we have installed monitoring, let’s see if it really works and the image is saved and archived, and in the event of an alarm – whether the detector reacts to motion and the notification system reacts without delay. Electronic devices that, when plugged into an outlet, simulate the use of an apartment – turning the light on and off at different times is a pretty good deterrent – says Bernard Maciąg, director of claims handling at Unext.

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The intruder in the house

What if, despite our caution, the thief manages to achieve his goal? Unfortunately, even the best and most modern burglary protection can be bypassed and we need to be aware of that. When our “obstacles” prove insufficient for thieves, it’s worth having a plan B. A well-constructed housing policy is a fully effective and proven method.

– In the insurance dictionary we distinguish different types of theft – the most popular are: ordinary theft and burglary – explains Jolanta Dziadowiec. In the first case, this is a situation where the house has been seized without any signs of burglary and without breaking the security, for example if you find your house without gutters after returning from vacation and your favorite barbecue is no longer in the garden. However, if security measures have failed, such as forcing a door or breaking a window – it is a burglary – says the expert from Unilink, the largest insurance multi-agency in Poland.

Before choosing a specific protection option, it is worth considering what is valuable at home.

– Theft with burglary can be insured for most of the household effects, such as: computer equipment, electronic equipment, household appliances and audio/video devices, jewelry, clothing, tools or cash – says Jolanta Dziadowiec, Unilink expert – We have many offers from different insurers on the market – meeting with an experienced advisor, is a guarantee of choosing the policy that best suits our needs. We will also make sure we don’t overpay for the necessary protection elements – adds Jolanta Dziadowiec – property of exceptionally high value, such as for example works of art, hunting trophies, firearms or collectibles, requires additional provisions in the contract, but it is possible . The insurer may also require us to appraise the declared items and store them in a safe – he adds.

On the trail of compensation

– Spiritual preparation and knowledge – what’s next – helps us keep a cool head and take the right action when it comes to dealing with theft in our house or apartment. So what should you do step by step? “In the event of a burglary in a house or apartment, the most important thing is to notify the police. Until the arrival of the services, do not change the facts – clean, repair doors or windows. After the inspection and testimony, the damage must be reported to the insurance company and the further procedure determined – visit of an expert, possible protection of the property against increasing damage or regular cleaning. It is good practice to make photographic documentation of damage or failed security measures before cleaning or repairing – advises Bernard Maciąg, Unext expert.

As a rule, insurance companies do not require documented possession of stolen items with purchase invoices in their T&C, but the claims handling process will certainly be smooth if we have an invoice, receipt or warranty card. An important point is the predetermined amount insured – in the event of damage and loss of all valuables, it determines the amount of compensation.

This pays off

Burglars are mainly seduced by electronic equipment – laptops, smartphones, but also jewelry and cash. They also reach for designer clothes and perfumes. If the attack is thought out and planned in advance, even larger dimensions, such as a TV set or a refrigerator, can disappear from our house or apartment.

– The average loss in one visit of uninvited guests is 10 – 12 thousand. zloty. This amount becomes particularly acute if we compare it with the amount of the policy for an apartment – the annual costs, including theft and burglary, start from PLN 250. In addition, this amount protects us not only against theft, but also in other situations, for example against the consequences of flooding the apartment – both our own and our neighbors’ during our absence. Let us not be robbed – let us be assured. It just pays off – summarize Dominika Bugla, Unilink insurance agent.

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