Orlen Projekt and PGNiG Gazoprojekt will jointly provide engineering services for the Orlen Group – Puls Biznesu

“Orlen Projekt and PGNiG Gazoprojekt will jointly provide engineering services for the Orlen Group. The companies have signed a framework agreement in this regard,” Orlen Projekt announced on Wednesday. The company emphasized that the business activities of both engineering entities – of the Orlen Group and PGNiG – “are conducted in similar, often complementary, areas of competence”, based on design and consultancy tasks.

As stated in the information, “the collaboration will enable Orlen Projekt to increase the availability of its offering, while allowing Gazoprojekt to provide services in new areas, leveraging the company’s competencies”.

“In the pursuit of operational excellence and improving the efficiency of executed investment projects, we have partnered with another design company, PGNiG Gazoprojekt, enabling the use of the potential and knowledge of employees of both companies. Our collaboration will also enhance the availability of technical services for PKN Orlen” – said the president of Orlen Projekt Marcin Kasza quoted in the company’s press release.

According to Orlen Projekt, the activity and experience of the company and PGNiG Gazoprojekt create the potential to gain tangible benefits from collaboration, as a result of increasing the scope of implementation of new projects for the Orlen Group and generating operational synergies. As indicated in the information, both entities have comparable, modern IT solutions that are used in the execution of technical works.

“PGNiG Gazoprojekt is a team of qualified experts with unique competences in the design of modern investments. We provide quality services in the field of comprehensive engineering projects and study work” – emphasizes Sławomir Zawadzki, President of PGNiG Gazoprojekt. At the same time, he judged that building a well-functioning collaboration model with Orlen Projekt “will result in many new projects that meet the expectations of a dynamically changing market in the age of energy transformation.”

Orlen Projekt recalled that it carries out EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) investment projects, including the preparation of project documentation at all stages of the investment process, the purchase of investment goods, as well as the implementation and launch of investments. The company, as indicated in the information, “specializes in optimizing investment processes, acting on behalf of the investor, reducing the cost of investment tasks”.

“The company is carrying out more than 90 projects simultaneously, including, for example, the construction of a gas cleaning plant at the Claus plant (TGTU III) at the production site in Płock and the expansion of storage capacity at the Fuel Terminal in Widełka. Only in the last two years, the company increased its revenues by more than 200%, while at the same time strengthening its market position “- emphasized Orlen Projekt. The company also recalled that: when designing temporary hospitals in Płock and Ostrołęka.

PGNiG Gazoprojekt is, as reported, an engineering company active in the gas infrastructure and liquid fuels sector. “The company mainly focuses on tasks related to strategic gas and fuel storage and transmission projects, performing extensive formal, legal and technical documentation, as well as study and conceptual work” – explained in the information.

Orlen Projekt recalled that PGNiG Gazoprojekt “is the author of design studies for most of the networks and facilities of the currently operated gas transmission and distribution system in Poland”. PGNiG has designed and is actively involved in the implementation of investments included in the Baltic Pipe program, gas pipelines in the offshore and onshore part on the Polish side, and the modernization of three gas compressor stations: in Goleniów, Odolanów and Gustorzyn.

“Of the remaining investments that are strategically important for the energy security of the country, the company has carried out in recent years, among others: documentation of the oil terminal in Gdańsk, the Boronów-Trzebinia product pipeline and the connection of the Dolna Odra power plant ” – mentioned in the information about the activities of PGNiG Gazoprojekt. As emphasized, “the company is involved in innovative projects related to the energy transformation in hydrogen production and storage”.

PKN Orlen is also planning a merger with PGNiG this year after completing the acquisition of Grupa Lotos. Both processes, as previously announced by the company, are part of the creation of a multi-energy company that will increase Poland’s energy security.

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