Colorful jewelry is a summer hit. Even a single accent in an intense shade will brighten up the styling

Colorful jewelry is a fresh take on ornaments, which we mainly know in the gold and silver versions. If you need change, she can give it to you.

Summer can change not only our approach to clothing and accessories, but even jewelry. In this subject, we are actually used to two main directions – gold or silver. Usually it is the definition of one of them that determines our choices. Gold has dominated our stylizations for many years, now silver is also becoming more and more popular. Of course, there are also people who are not influenced by the dominant trends in fashion, who constantly stick to one of these options and it makes no sense to count on a change in this topic. However, we have the impression that even they might want a change if they are one of the jewelry trends for the summer† Everything points to the 2022 holiday being neither gold nor silver. So what will replace them? Colorful jewelry† Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in enamel, glass or various other variants an easy way to customize summer style† In our list you will find examples of models from the latest collections that will be a real decoration of your sets.

Colorful earrings is a hit from the spring-summer collection 2022. During the shows they were seen in different versions moschinoEmporio ArmaniOttolinger and Saint Laurent† This isn’t the end of runway inspirations. Color earrings also suggested Valentina Ferragnic† The sister of the most popular Italian blogger has her own jewelry brand that is adored by female influencers. Their support helps spread the trends it promotes at the speed of light. The same trend also plays a major role in the collection of the Polish brand berries† So we don’t have to look for something beautiful somewhere far away. Their colorful earrings have already been shown Anna Lewandowska and Kamila Szczawisska† If you would like to join this group, you will find some interesting proposals below.

The choice does not end with colorful earrings. If you are looking for interesting jewelry for summerthen you will be interested in another accessory integrated in this trend. colorful necklace perhaps an option worth considering. Several models were presented during the fashion weeks, but one of the most iconic was the one in the collection moschino† A thick chain with colored links immediately attracted attention. However, you do not have to immediately opt for the XXL version. Subtly colored jewelry also has the power to attract attention. It will no doubt not go unnoticed when it shows up in your summer looks.

Silver or gold ring with a colored eye – this is how this type of jewelry could have been perceived until now in relation to the different color palette. However, this season it is worth changing your mind. Inspirations from the collection can be helpful here moschinoDior and VersaceColorful ringswhich appeared on the fingers of models is an unobtrusive decoration that can impress. This time, not only those made of plastic are coming back into favor, but also in many other versions. Colored glass rings are one of the most interesting examples that perfectly illustrates how this trend has developed in recent months.

Colorful jewelry is a category that also includes bracelets. At fashion shows on the catwalks, they were presented in many guises. plastic u moschinorubber u Chanel and trimmed with you Prady† This is a good starting point, but we can also approach the subject in a different way. After all, there is only one thing in this trend: colors. And in this role, enameled metal, natural stone or multi-colored beads also work. You know best which one to watch a colorful braceletis the best option. Our hints are therefore loose suggestions that can help you find the only one. Each of them has the chance to become a colorful decoration of your summer styles.

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