Are you looking for summer reading? Famous moms recommend, “This is the perfect book for our times!”

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Famous moms recommend, “This is the perfect book for our times!”

What if a woman — who never wanted children and instead built a strong social media brand to support childless women — met the love of her life and changed her mind? Would she have followed her heart, or would she rather stay on the path she’d worked so hard for for fear of losing everything? This was the question Chantel Guertin asked herself and wrote Instamama. Are you curious about the answer?

“I wrote this book because it takes a lot of courage to stand up for my beliefs, but it takes just as much courage to change my mind. This is the heart of Instamama’s message, Guertin explained to readers of Goodreads, the world’s largest social networking site of book recommendations and reviews.

Mother? How easy is it to say…

When did you first think about becoming a mother? Have you always known or maybe you don’t need it yet? – Growing up, I couldn’t imagine becoming a mother – she shared her intimacy with Chatnel Guertin users.

– Like all my seven-year-old friends, I had a doll, but I never changed her diapers or bottle-fed her. She was more of a friend to me than a daughter. What about childcare? Forget it! I’d rather have real lessons, with people my age – she told honestly.

Chantel Guertin got married in her twenties, as did many of her friends. While they were exploring all the colors of motherhood, Chantel felt no need to give birth to a child at all. I watched in admiration as they juggle work and children, relieved that I didn’t have to focus on both. I was not childless. I was free from children – she bluntly confessed in an interview.

What if I change my mind?

And yet, although she was one hundred percent sure of her decision to be childless at this point in her life, a thought flashed deep in her heart: What if in ten years I change my mind and decide that I want to be a mother? and then it’s too late Many women ask themselves a similar question.

Chantel’s marriage did not stand the test of time, but she eventually met another man whom she fell in love with. He had children. She started to think about it slowly. She wondered if she was ready for such a big change? The idea for the book was already growing in her head. She published it and was successful because many women ask a similar question.

“I hope you experience the challenges and victories together with me and Kit Kidding, the heroine of Instamama. To feel what it means to be a strong, fearless woman navigating life and love in the age of social media – invites you to read her novel Chantel Guertin.

Famous moms highly recommend it

What do women who have a strong presence on social media, mothers and non-mothers think of her book? Actress Olga Borys took the novel on vacation. She started reading before she left. – On vacation, pleasant reading is important to me – he writes on his Instagram profile.

– A romantic comedy that will pleasantly surprise me, where I find unusual choices of heroes, a radical change in life reigns in the name of feelings. This is Chantel Guertin’s “Instamama”. It’s a modern story about love, about how the main character discovers her real needs, about threats to modern relationships and the courage to change – Olga recommends.

Tamara Arciuch read “Instamama” during the performance along the way. – Pleasant surprises with funny scenes of the first encounters and insightful observations about the reality in which without Instagram – no movement! – tells the actress. – The heroine is an independent single, full-time inastagrammer who makes money promoting brands and sharing professionally selected posts about her funny, fantastic, childless life, which changes when her feelings for the widower – the father of an eight-year-old girl shows up on her away.

In addition to love, the girl suddenly discovers her true desires and values ​​- she reveals. – This is the perfect book for our times! – enthusiastic Ewa Szabatin. – If you want to disconnect from reality, laugh and at the same time motivate you to make your dreams come true, I highly recommend this wonderful romantic comedy!

Do you also want to read? It’s easy

Are you a mother or are you considering motherhood? Reach for this modern love story. Meet Kit Kidding and see if you can befriend the heroine of Instamama created so brilliantly by Chantel Guertin.

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