A wedding in the garden – how do you organize a wedding ceremony in this romantic setting?

Who does not dream of a fairytale wedding in the open air, in a beautiful garden, among breathtaking plant species? Chic weddings in the palace gardens have always been popular with the high society, but the contact with nature is also appreciated by today’s young couples. However, they opt for less formal landscapes that provide beautiful natural canvases for their own unique ceremonies.

Even though a garden wedding sounds like a great experience, can be accompanied by a number of challenges and formalities, what the bride and groom will have to stand for. If you decide to host these types of ceremonies, check to see if there are any rules or regulations that could have a significant impact on the ceremony. This is the first thing to consider when planning a wedding. especially in public gardens or parks. Some events require special permits that must be arranged well in advance.

Since outdoor weddings usually only take place in the hottest months of the year, the interest in the venues they host can be very high.

To avoid scheduling conflicts and competition with other couples, look for a venue early and book it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary stress. Also make sure that the garden you choose looks beautiful on your wedding day. If you are viewing the site in the spring but are planning the ceremony in the early fall, you can ask to show photos so you know exactly what it will look like at that time.

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Ensure the comfort of your guests: discover which facilities are available in the garden. Are the toilets easily accessible? If the party takes place in the evening, is the room well lit? Are there enough parking spaces? Also make sure everyone can hear the wedding ceremony – microphones and good outdoor acoustics are very important.

Remember that outdoor events carry with them the risk of the presence of various insects, including bees and mosquitoes. Ensure the comfort of your guests by lighting citronella candles, for example, which should deter them. Also consider how the shoes—both yours and your guests’—will fare during the wedding in the garden. If the ceremony takes place on the grass, you can warn the invited women not to wear high heels.

Finally, the most important – always have a plan B. The weather in Poland can be unpredictable. It is wise to have an alternative covered location to hold your wedding ceremony in the event of unexpected weather or other events beyond your control.

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Whether the wedding takes place in the registry office, church or garden, every bride and groom want the moment of their vow to be the most memorable part of their big day. After all, entering into a partnership is the main goal of the wedding and the event that lovers are waiting for in their greatest emotions. It’s only natural that they want a place where they say yes to themselves to look beautiful.

From minimalist designs that emphasize the beauty of the ceremony venue, to aisles with the most stunning floral arrangements, there are many ways to make your ceremony venue completely customizable.

We’ve taken a look at the inspiration for garden wedding decorations and picked the most beautiful ones you’ll see in our gallery.

They also offer the organization of the wedding? Botanic Gardens – for example in Powsin, Wrocław or Warsaw. Usually this type of venue has a limit on the number of guests; there can be up to about 100. Also keep in mind the fees that are most often listed on the facility’s website.

And so you have to pay for organizing a wedding in the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw about 4 thousand zloty next to the park open to visitors. The price includes:

  • Preparation of a place for a registrar of births, marriages and deaths;
  • Preparation of a place for the bridal couple and witnesses;
  • preparation of places for guests;
  • Make a flower arrangement for the receptionist.

However, the garden also offers to close the gates during the ceremony – depending on the season, you should expect additional costs of several hundred zlotys per hour. The sound system and music are another 400 zlotys.

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If you decide to organize a wedding in the garden, the environment will be so natural and beautiful that you will not have to worry too much about additional decorations. No matter how many guests are on the list, it won’t be stuffy or crowded outside. Open spaces usually offer a large amount of seating and flexible arrangement. Additionally, if the space of your choice is suitable for hosting both a ceremony and a garden wedding, it will likely reduce travel costs for you and your guests.

A civil wedding invitation in the garden will be a great attraction for your guests. These kind of ceremonies are usually tired free natureri are more friendly to families with children.

However, garden weddings also have their drawbacks. You will probably have to think about rent a tent or other alternative covered placein which a wedding could take place to protect himself and his guests from adverse weather conditions and insects.

If you decide to have a ceremony in a public garden, it will not be private (like a wedding by the sea, on a public beach). You may also experience problems during the season when there is a lot of interest.

Must be taken into account the need to rent furniture and accessories including seats, sound equipment and power source. As with any open space, there is also the danger of poor sound quality, especially in strong winds.

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