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The summer season has started and with it the heat. There is no better way to do this than with delicious ice cream. It is also a season for cycling enthusiasts, who take out equipment not used during the winter period and take part in recreational rallies. True lovers of cold sweets are undoubtedly familiar with the unparalleled Italian ice cream, which is fundamentally different from twist or scoop ice cream. They are lower in fat which means they can be a good option for those on a diet, less air so they have a light texture and less sugar making them healthier. In the Italian region of Trentino, there is a bike path that combines outdoor relaxation with this sweet delight.

Italy is not just about monuments and city life

There is a route in the north of Italy, in the Trentino . region “Via dell’Acqua” (Water Trail), which is a whopping 140 kilometers (of which 113 kilometers along the banks of rivers, on railway lines and roads closed for use). It runs between unique natural and water reservoirs such as: the river Adige, the Sacra stream, Lake Garda or Toblino. As a result, he was recognized as the best in 2021 “Green Road” throughout Italy. The trail starts at the border with the province of Bolzano, in the municipality of San Michele all’Adige, then crosses 21 municipalities and ends in the regional capital of Trento.

From the forest to the ice cream parlor

Summers are very hot in these areas, so if you’re going on a trip, it’s worth having a detailed plan, including stopovers. The route can be taken at an individual pace, stopping to rest at local hotels or at a campsite. You can also make friends with just one snippet of it at first.

Regardless of the length of the route, it is good to provide sufficient hydration so as not to tire the body. Aside from the necessary booze supply, there’s nothing better for a quick refreshment and quenching your thirst than artisan ice cream† Ice is a symbol of pleasant moments of pause during summer days, and in Trentino this symbol even rises to the rank of a religion. In addition, you will taste ice cream high in the mountains, made with fresh ingredients, often from local sources.

So let’s imagine riding on our bike path and planning the stages between the next best Trentino ice cream parlors… In chronological order, it’s worth visiting:

– Gelateria Serafini in Lavi: even called “the temple of the palate” by the magazine Gambero Rosso and named one of the top 5 Italian ice cream parlors by Golosaria. We can choose from many flavors of our own ice cream – natural, but also often intriguing, such as Müller Thurgau – a taste that pays tribute to the oenological tradition of the Cembry Alps;

– Fior di Gusto in the regional capital Trento: it is the perfect place for a short break for those visiting the city center. Visitors will not be disappointed with the tasting of ice creams as they come in a variety of flavors and all of them pride themselves on the name “natural ice cream”, which is produced entirely on site, without the use of semi-finished products. In addition, the candies take into account the needs of people with allergies or those who are sensitive to lactose, gluten, eggs or suffer from various diseases related to sugar consumption;

– Gelateria Igloo in Trento: a favorite place for chocolate lovers, where you can try unique “secret” ice cream cones with hidden chocolate;

– Gelateria Zenzero in the village of Borgo Sacco: homemade ice cream, offered in different flavors, tastes best here, while cyclists are said to be best satisfied with the taste of Basil, Lemon and Ginger;

– Gelateria Bologna in Mori: it is one of the best-known and oldest ice cream parlors in Trentino, serving beautiful cups of ice cream with a refined texture, as well as sensational ice-cream desserts full of fruit, sprinkles and whipped cream;

– Gelateria Flora in Riva del Garda: the menu includes gluten-free and lactose-free flavors, mountain cones and all kinds of ice cream desserts;

– Gelateria Naturale Indimenticabile at Arco: the ice cream parlor offers original flavors such as turmeric or marsala, but also a gluten-free version. The place declares not to use plastic for its activities;

– Gelateria Maui in Dro: the offer of local flavors is really wide ranging from artisanal ice cream over yogurt, artisanal, you can also drink delicious dry homemade sherry here.

At the end of the journey you can feast your eyes on holm oaks, the northernmost olive trees, which have stood perfectly in the mountainous environment. Getting to know the culture is also an important part of the trip. Visit for example the Santa Massenza and the castle of Terlago on Lake Toblino, the MUSE in the center of Trento and the Coffee Museum in Arco.

The first time with no problems

Trentino has many other cycle paths to offer, less and less ambitious. Via dell’Acqua is bright, pleasant and multi-level. There are service points throughout the journey, so that there is always a place to rest and, for example, to charge your bike. If you don’t plan to bring a bike, you can count on a wide range of rentals on site, including electric models. In addition, there are special packages for families with children. The latter seems to particularly appreciate such an icy route.

More information about the region on the website: www.visittrentino.info

More cycling activities in the Trentino region: https://www.visittrentino.info/pl/co-robic/rowery

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