We are launching a call for projects under IPCEI HEALTH – Ministry of Development and Technology

Obtaining co-financing for a company under the IPCEI project bundle can be a unique opportunity for Polish companies to seize the opportunities offered by the highest technologies in healthcare, to partner with the largest European companies and to ensure a stable position in the supply chains of many branches of the global industry.

Obtaining IPCEI status by the project provides a unique opportunity for significant support, as the rules for its funding are determined by individual notification to the European Commission.

The national stage of the competition – start time

We start the official selection procedure for projects (national podium). The competition is aimed at entities interested in a particular technology area and ready for implementation:

  • research, development and innovation projects, which must be clearly innovative in nature or have significant added value in health in light of the latest developments in a particular sector – R&D&I projects
  • projects with industrial use, which should allow the development of new products or services with a high research and innovative content, or the introduction of completely innovative production processes – INDUSTRIAL FIRST IMPLEMENTATION Projects

What projects are we waiting for?

Projects submitted under the IPCEI should be characterized by:

  • high level of innovation,
  • positive impact on the environment,
  • contribute to increasing the competitiveness of European industry as a whole.

The project must make a concrete, clear, recognizable and significant contribution to the achievement of the Union’s objectives or strategy and have a significant impact on sustainable economic growth, for example because it is essential for a new industrial strategy for Europe and its updating, Next Generation EU, European Health Union, a new European research area for research and innovation.

The project should aim to address significant market failures or systemic failures that prevent the project from being implemented to the same extent or in the same way where there are no aid or social problems that cannot be adequately addressed by other means.

Projects submitted to IPCEI should be profitable in the long term in the near future. The benefits of a project should not be limited to a specific company or sector, but should benefit other sectors of the European economy.


The implementation of projects will be possible on the basis of the State aid granted under the Mechanism Important projects of common European interest (IPCEI as described in the European Commission Communication: Criteria for Analyzing the Internal Market Compatibility of State Aid to Promote the Implementation of an Important Project of Common European Interest[1] (hereinafter referred to as the notice).

The project is eligible for financial support, provided that the subject matter of the project meets the criteria set out in point 3 of the Communication. The eligible costs are those listed in the Annex to the Communication, within the calculated funding gap for the implementation of the project.

The project must be substantially co-financed by the beneficiary.

Match results

The time from the end of the call for applications to the publication of the lists of selected and non-selected projects for further procedure under the project bundle and at the level of the European Commission is a maximum of 60 days. The results of the competition will be published on the website of the Ministry of Development and Technology.

Request method of assessment

Applications submitted for the contest will be formally verified and then assessed in accordance with the criteria attached to the call in question.

We reserve the right to organize a meeting with the applicant, during which the applicant can discuss the questions and any doubts raised by the Ministry of Development and Technology.

The final decision on the acceptance of the project for the international cooperation phase within the framework of the creation of the project bundle is taken by the Minister of Development and Technology.

The aid must not subsidize the costs of the project which the company would in any case bear, nor must it offset normal business risks. Without state support, the project would not have been possible, or would only have been possible on a smaller scale, in a narrower scope, the pace would not have been sufficient, or it would have been carried out in a different way that would yield the expected benefits. Aid is only considered proportionate if the same result cannot be achieved with less aid.

The selection of projects at the national stage does not equate to the granting of funding. Project selection at this stage begins international cooperation with the creation of a project bundle at EU level and a formal procedure at European Commission level to grant the project IPCEI status.[2][3][4]and then allows participation in the national competition procedure for its financing by the Member State[5]

Reporting method and deadlines

Submission of project description[6] must be done according to the attached template (maximum 55 pages). Submit it in PDF format (searchable) by email before August 12, 2022 to the following email address: ipcei-zdrowie@mrit.gov.pl

[2] Pre-notification phase – starts with the submission of a pre-notification application and ends with documents being prepared for notification. During this time, the European Commission conducts a dialogue with companies and Member States about the notified documents.

[3] Notification phase – starts with submitting a notification request and ends with making a decision on the IPCEI project. During this time, the European Commission examines the submitted application and conducts internal consultations.

[4] Selected projects will be able to evolve during both the inter-business dialogue in the bundle-forming phase and during the negotiations with the European Commission, and any changes resulting from these processes will have to be approved by the Ministry of Development and Technology.

[5] Receiving the decision from the European Commission is not equivalent to transferring the funding from the Member State that supported the project to the European Commission. The European Commission’s decision specifies the maximum amount of public support that a Member State may grant to co-finance a project.

[6] The content of the drafts submitted will only be considered a trade secret if the applicant expressly makes a reservation in writing. The identities of entities submitting project assumptions remain public information.

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