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Vacations are the perfect time to catch up on theatrical lag and for unique experiences during extraordinary summer outdoor performances. The stages of the capital invite you to perform in the urban space and at their offices. The repertoire includes well-known and popular titles, premiere screenings and special events, such as the staging of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Royal Gardens in Wilanów.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Gardens of the Museum of King John III’s Palace in Wilanów

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a love story of three couples, in which realism merges with the world of magic. The enchanting scenery of the Wilanów Palace Gardens and the public park layout on three sides blur the boundaries not only in art, but between the audience and the actors. Dreams mingle with reality, and with the setting sun, the picnic atmosphere gives way to a moving tale of love, elation, disappointment and even madness. A humorous breakthrough here are the figures of mechanics, who clumsily prepare the show for the royal wedding. Fairies and elves play in the audience, mixing the lovers’ plans, and the elements of the choreography allow the characters to discover magical dance patterns that they do not understand.
REGISTERED BY: John Weisgerber
More information on the Shakespeare in the Park series website


Summer at the Dramatic Theater

The Summer Drama Theater Review is scheduled for July. Viewers can choose from 15 shows played a total of 30 times. Among them we can find such titles as: “Romantycy”, “Inspector”, “Kinky Boots”, “Man from La Mancha”, “Cabaret”, “Castle”. A special event of the festival is the premiere of Peter Shaffer’s “Amadeus”, directed by Anna Wieczur, which will take place on July 8 at the G. Holoubek.
In the live music staging we see Marcin Hycnar and Adam Ferency.
More information on the website of the theater

Teatr Polonia and OCH Theater in the open air

Teatr Polonia and OCH Teatr invite you to get acquainted with the theater in the urban space. In July there are performances in Plac Konstytucji and in August in ul. Grójecka 65 (in front of the OCH Theater) and in Koneser in Praga. Among the offers to viewers were performances for children, including: “Szelmostwa Lis Witalis”, “Hansel and Gretel” and “Little Red Riding Hood”, and for adults: “Passionate Flamenco”, “Open Union”, “Lament on Konstytucji Square .”, “Old age is beautiful.” Admission to all performances is free.
More information on the website of the theater

In Kwadrat on Marszałkowska Street

During the summer months, the Kwadrat Theater also plays. The repertoire includes the audience’s favorite performances: “Crazy Scissors”, “Kłamstewka”, “A Hour of Peace” or “A Perfect Wedding”. In July, viewers will also see the pre-premiere of the new show “For what sins?” directed by Andrzej Nejman. This is a multicultural comedy based on a 2014 French blockbuster.
More information on the website of the theater

Teatr Nowy and space for culture

Zbigniew Libera’s exhibition “Synczyzna” can be seen at Nowy Teatr in Mokotów. Photos of the precursor of the so-called critical art are presented on the big stage. Among the well-known, but rarely shown works, such as “People Leaving the City” (borrowed for this occasion from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw) or “Polish Hospitality”, the artist will also show completely new projects. In July there will also be a review of Ulrike Ottinger’s films “Between Documentary and Creation”. The theater also invites you to “Lost in translation” – free day camps in August for young people aged 14-18 from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.
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The “Poles Do Theater” Festival

Teatr Druga Strefa, a socio-cultural institution in Warsaw, invites you to the #polacyrobiateatr theater festival in July. This year’s edition is the third and in line with the festival’s tradition, the stage will include participants from last year’s gatherings. What they have in common, other than their nationality, is that they create and work outside the country on a daily basis. On the program are: Theater Zentrifuge eV STUDIO 2 from Berlin, “KKAAFFKKAA … you imagined me differently …” and DIVADLO vs. Slovakia with the show “BABY REINDEER”. Also Mangrova Teatro from Turin will perform, which will present the premiere under the title “TERESKA K”.
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In Komuna Warszawa

Komuna Warszawa, another socio-cultural institution in Warsaw, encourages you to participate in cultural events at its headquarters in ul. Emilii Plater 31. The organizers invite you to film screenings, theater performances, field games and a cooking school. The repertoire includes: premiere of the play “Love Ritual” directed by Daniel Kotowski, concert of the legendary group “Moon”, the film “In the loop of risk and fantasy” by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, or the latest film by the Asian film master Apichatpong Weerasethakul – “Memoria”.
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