There will be subsidies for the thermal modernization of residential buildings. The government has passed a bill – Economy

It is the implementation of activities related to the implementation of the National Reconstruction Plan. According to the Ministry of Development and Technology, about PLN 4 billion (EUR 855 million) will be allocated to improving energy efficiency in multi-family houses and building apartments for people with lower incomes.

Subsidies for modernization

The project includes introduction of a thermomodernization grant for deep and comprehensive thermomodernization. The grant is 10 percent. investment costs.

The project also mentions a renewable energy grant that consists of supporting investors who purchase and install renewable energy sources in their buildings, allowing a partial or complete change of the energy source in the building. The grant is 50 percent. Project costs.

Also, a subsidy from the MZG is introduced to improve the energy efficiency of buildings from the housing resources of the municipality.

Nearly 4 billion euros for construction and modernization

“The project achieves two KPO milestones, allowing us to submit an application for the first payment to the European Commission in the coming months. In total, the activities related to the construction of new apartments or the improvement of the technical condition of existing buildings in the FPA will amount to EUR 3,955 million, of which EUR 855 million will be at the disposal of the Ministry of Development and Technology. The remaining amount will be at the disposal of the Minister of Climate and Environment who implements the Clean Air program .development and technology Waldemar Buda, quoted in a separate post.

Support for local authorities

It also proposed, inter alia, additional non-returnable financial support for investments carried out with support from the Subsidy Fund consisting in the renovation of municipal flats inhabited by people at risk of energy poverty, provided that the heat source is converted to low-emission.

More support for local authorities is also planned in relation to the construction of flats with a higher standard of energy efficiency for people with middle and lower incomes.

The Regulatory Impact Assessment estimated that during the operation of the Reconstruction Fund (until 2026) investments will be made in approx. 1,885 buildings, renovation of communal buildings in buildings undergoing thermal modernization or renovation in 940 buildings, installation and commissioning of renewable energy installations in multi-family houses in 1,800 buildings, installation and commissioning of renewable energy installations in new construction TBS/SIM buildings in 100 buildings.

As part of the support for projects consisting in the construction of new buildings for people with low and middle incomes, the construction of 12 thousand. 355 apartments.

Who is the project intended for?

As the recast explains, it will be possible to request support depending on the instrument, owners and managers of residential buildings, i.e. residential communities, housing cooperatives, municipalities, social housing associations / social housing initiatives, natural persons, workplaces, religious associations, etc.

The call for applications to BGK will be continuous and support will be provided to all interested parties that meet the formal eligibility requirements, until the expected pool of funds is exhausted.


half past twelve IAR/d OW/w hm: Government spokesman Piotr Mueller talks about thermo-modernization of residential buildings (iar) Government spokesman Piotr Mueller talks about the details of the project related to the thermal modernization of residential buildings (IAR)

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