The special status of Polish citizens in Ukraine – the President of Ukraine has submitted a bill to parliament

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has submitted a bill to parliament on the special status of Polish citizens in Ukraine, the president’s office has said. The Ukrainian leader also gave the city of Przemyśl the honorary title of the City of Savior. “We have reached the highest level of trust and cooperation in relations with Poland,” Zelenskiy said in a comment on the motion to parliament.

As stated by the Office of the President of Ukraine, the draft law “on the establishment of legal and social guarantees for the citizens of the Republic of Poland who are in the territory of Ukraine” is a sign of gratitude to the Polish nation for solidarity and support for Ukraine in the circumstances of Russian armed aggression and the implementation of the principle of reciprocity.

The draft, developed at the initiative of the President of Ukraine, provides, inter alia, for the possibility of legal residence on the territory of Ukraine of Polish citizens and their relatives for 18 months from the date of adoption of the law. Poles will also be given the right to work, run a business, study in educational institutions and use medical services in Ukraine. There are also some social benefits.


It was noted that the draft provides for similar rights and guarantees to those adopted in Poland in March under the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens.

Zelenskiy: we have reached the highest level of confidence in our relations with Poland

Commenting on this move in the evening address to the nation, Ukraine’s president stated that “this is a response to the law passed by the Polish state in the spring in the interest of Ukrainian citizens”. – Among other things, I propose to give our Polish brothers the opportunity to stay legally in Ukraine for 18 months, the right to work, the opportunity to run a business, study in our universities and use medical services – explained Zelensky.

The president called on delegates to take a “maximum conscientiousness” approach to the project being led. – We have reached the highest level of trust and cooperation in relations with Poland, taking into account not only the decades, but also the lives of many generations of our nations. And we must strengthen our relations in all areas and based on the understanding that Ukraine and Poland can only be free together, in brotherhood, he stressed.

Przemyśl is the city savior

The press release also stated that the President of Ukraine gave the city of Przemyśl the honorary title of the City of Saviour. It was emphasized that the title was awarded for “unprecedented solidarity of local authorities, residents and volunteers of Przemyśl with the Ukrainian nation, extensive and immense assistance to Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave their homeland as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. , and strong support from Ukraine in defending its independence and sovereignty”.

Earlier, Rzeszów was honored in this way by Ukrainian side.

President Duda: let this be a sign for us

President Andrzej Duda spoke about the project on Monday during a speech in connection with the celebration of the National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the citizens of the Second Polish Republic.

– You can see the opposite of the situation when the Poles tried to get rid of them at all costs and also wanted to take their lives. Today, through this act and gesture by the President, Ukraine is making a symbolic invitation: “You are welcome here to special rights”. Let this be a sign for us too, in all those cases where it is often difficult to speak – he added.

President Duda: Today President Zelenskiy presented a draft law to parliament granting Poland special status in UkraineTVN24

The project was announced in Kiev in May

Ukraine’s president announced the law in May during Andrzej Duda’s visit to Kiev.

Speaking at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the presence of the Polish president, Zelenskiy thanked the Polish Seym for the passed law on aid to Ukrainian citizens. – Legal residence, employment, training, medical care and social security. This is a big step and a gesture of great soul that only a good friend of Ukraine can do – he said. He then assured that this step would not be without reciprocity.

Zelensky makes an announcement

Zelenskiy announces a “mirror project” regarding Polish law. It’s about the rights that Poles would have in Ukraine TVN24

– God forbid that Polish citizens would ever need all these privileges in such circumstances, in war conditions. (…) And I am convinced that the Ukrainian parliament will support this law – quickly and with a decisive majority – he added.

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