The liberalization of the mill law gives hope. The industry is counting on a reactivation

The government has launched the long-awaited liberalization project of the so-called the renunciation. It maintains the requirement that the minimum distance from a wind turbine to buildings is 10 times the height of the wind turbine (10H rule), but does not rule out its omission under local spatial development plans.

  • The government predicts that the changes in the regulations will stimulate the industry and thus increase the installed capacity on the mainland.
  • We have asked investors and contractors for the investment. how they evaluate the new account and whether their business plans are related to it.
  • Industrial companies are counting on the development of new wind projects after years of stagnation.

Vestas: This is a positive signal for the industry. We are waiting for approval

– We are pleased to see that the government sees the need to amend the 10H distancing rule and that steps have been taken in that direction. We hope that the legislative process will be smooth and fast. After years of stagnation in the development of new wind projects, the change of the distance law allows investors to install the latest technologies, which we are waiting for. Wind energy is not only environmentally friendly, but also a competitive energy source, which is crucial in Poland. Political support for the development of renewable energy in Poland is an important foundation for building energy independence in a sustainable way, Jagna Kubańska-Łyczakowska, political adviser to the Danish company Vestas (turbine manufacturer), told WNP.PL.

The company also counts on the development of new projects.

– Vestas Polska employs more than 600 highly qualified specialists in the industry and has representatives in 20 locations across the country. We plan to stay in Poland for the long term and develop offshore and onshore projects. The entry into force of the amendment to the law on distance takes time. We believe that new projects will lead to an increase in employment in our company, thanks to increased expenditure on onshore wind projects – added Jagna Kubańska-Łyczakowska.

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Polska Grupa Energetyczna will be able to complete suspended projects

– According to the strategy, PGE Group plans to launch 1 GW of additional capacity in onshore wind farms by 2030 and have a total of 1.7 GW installed capacity in this technology by the end of the decade. The plan is implemented through both the construction of new wind farms and the acquisition of turnkey projects (such as the recently purchased three wind farms with a total capacity of 84.2 MW). Currently, the PGE Group has frozen wind projects with a capacity of approximately 150 MW in very good locations, most of them in the Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeships. Amending the so-called The Distance Act will allow PGE to thaw these projects and implement previously planned wind investments – Marcin Karlikowski, president of PGE Energia Odnawialna, told us.

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Polish company Elemont: liberalization of absolute law is a change for the better

– We believe that the amendment to the law is necessary for the further development of onshore wind energy in our country. Currently, the 10H law narrows the development opportunities of this sector. The amendment of this overly restrictive law will undoubtedly give investors many more opportunities, and at the same time, it is not an unconditional permission to build wind farms in any location. Each place is characterized by different conditions, different buildings and their inhabitants have different social sensitivity. This law changes the current situation so much that it allows the construction of onshore wind farms in areas where there are no contraindications, but the ruthlessness of the existing law made such projects impossible – said Paweł Bargieł, member of the board of directors and development director van Elemont, CIS, an onshore investment implementation company.

The Polish company is also counting on an influx of new obscene investments.

– We are confident that the new law will open up the investment market and increase business development opportunities. Over time, new wind farm projects will emerge, allowing the sector to develop without being blocked at the level of legislation, Bargieł added.

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