Summer is here, Tinder is in. “I only regret one thing”

  • – Out of boredom, loneliness and sometimes out of heart’s need – Patrycja lists the reasons why she visits Tinder. She has had an account on the dating site for three years, although she has deleted it many times
  • – There was a moment when I played with it, but also when I had enough. How many times can you hear I’m cool but it doesn’t work? – says my interlocutor. After her 20th date, she stopped counting her lovers
  • She eventually deleted the account. She had had enough of accidents, understatements and disappointments. She came back after a year. – I already have different expectations and I think I can recognize Peter Pan – adds the 33-year-old. What’s the key?
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– How many were there? I think about twenty. At some point I stopped analyzing them all – my interlocutor starts the story about her adventure with Tinder. She is a tall brunette with curly hair. He is 33 years old, a beautiful Persian whom he calls his most faithful companion and his ambitions to become a good legal adviser.

She picked up Nocks for science as early as college. She was not in a serious relationship. She focused on the law that consumed most of her free time. She only held her breath after passing the application. – Summer is here, Tinder is in. At the urging of my friend of the year I decided to try it. It started innocently. I set up the account out of curiosity, more for fun. I didn’t expect to find a charming prince there – he remembers the beginning.

– I think I just wanted to relax, talk to someone. Life as a single girl can be exciting. I’m not stuck, I can realize myself on every level, nobody and nothing limits me. But like everyone else, I also have bad days. I activated Tinder for several reasons. Out of boredom, loneliness and sometimes out of the need of the heart – Patrycja lists.

After a week, she became addicted to browsing local profiles. She started the day checking messages from strangers, falling asleep with a cell phone in her hand. – My thumb hurt from moving the photos on the screen. After a few weeks, I was able to recognize the fake account and “pick out” someone worthy of my attention – says my interlocutor. What is her type?

In the beginning I was the hunter. I knew a man couldn’t be any younger. And that was probably all I followed. The appearance was relegated to the background. I wanted to meet someone I could talk to for hours about my favorite movies, travel, books.

The machine rejected the accounts of men who selected gym staff for their profile picture. She also enjoyed cute selfie pips and narrowed eyes. Some people had an inflated ego. If he wrote me a type who added pictures of his chest, he’d be instantly blocked. I’ve been on a treadmill once in my life, so we’d hardly find a common topic – says the 33-year-old, who couldn’t fault success.

– I have a dozen matches a day [połączenia w parę — przypis red.] Half did not respond to messages. Usually I talked to three guys. What was bolder, he immediately suggested a real-life meeting. And I liked it. I bathe in hot water, I don’t like waiting – she recalls.

Does he remember his first date? – Like through a haze. I had a drink that night. I’ve never dated a stranger on the net. It was a hot day in June and I was wearing high heels. My first tinder boy was a law graduate. I’m not hiding that’s why I made an appointment with him, while we were still chatting we got into the flow. Live he wasn’t as chatty as he was on the internet though, I thought he probably needed time to get started. After sitting on the stairs by the Vistula River for a few hours, he invited me to his home – says Patrycja.

It turned out that he wanted to show off a large collection of vinyl records.

Although the drinks I’d been drinking were already giving me a hard time, I remember him talking about the AC/DC concert. “Highway to Hell” played in the background. And although I like soul and jazz more, it didn’t bother me. Unfortunately, the liveliness of this song didn’t translate into the quality of the conversation. He was so enthused about the band’s history that after an hour… he fell asleep on the couch with a drink in his hand. I have gone unnoticed. My “Highway to Hell” turned out to be a highway to nowhere.

Despite the bad finale, Patrycja wrote to him on Tinder the next day. He only wrote back in the evening that it couldn’t be, because they probably have different tastes in music. – After this brief explanation I was blocked. I was a little crazy about it – he admits. Unfortunately, the other fans of the network also gave her a hard time.

Perhaps the biggest trap a girl can fall into on Tinder is lying. Most singles who claim to be like this actually have partners.

– I found married children. I also met students when I went on a date with a bank manager. Some of the men have already admitted over coffee that they have a relationship. On Tinder, they were looking for someone to jump out of the way – he confesses. Patrycja, as a rule, gave such liars a wide berth. She broke off those contacts immediately.

Maybe I was looking for fun at times, but I certainly didn’t want to end up in bed with a man who has a wife and two sweet bubbles are waiting for him at home.

She has had sex with a Tinder man several times. Unfortunately, none of the gentlemen spoke the following day, although each stated that he was free and thinking about the relationship. – Exactly, the relationship. On the fingers of one hand, I can name guys who even mentioned this word live. In chat rooms, they often dream about children and a common house. In real life, they don’t even touch these wires – notes Patrycja.

How is the thirty-year-old today? – It’s Peter Pan. He is looking for an ideal that does not exist. In chat he is confident, in real life he likes to talk about himself, possibly about his ex-girlfriend. I don’t count the hours I spent yawning at the words “my ex”, she likes to talk about why “them” failed. She counts on support, comfort, rarely asks questions and more often monologues – sums up the characteristics of a typical Tinder Boy.

During her first two years using Tinder, she had met such men. – There was a moment when I played with it, but also when I had enough. How many times can you hear I’m cool but it doesn’t work? I think I’ve met every type of man. conclusions? Downing – says the single.

There she found neither love nor friend nor colleague. She had had enough of accidents, understatements and disappointments. She eventually deleted the account. She came back after a year. But as she herself says, she now plans to rearrange her profile. – I already have different expectations and I think I recognize Peter Pan – he explains.

I don’t write in the evenings with a man who doesn’t dare ask me for coffee. If a guy would rather send emotes than ask me on a date, he’s not taking me seriously.

So far she has only dated one guy from the net. They go to dinner at her favorite restaurant. He likes it too, and he loves OneRepublic too. It’s a shame we didn’t meet at Open’er – We already have at least one topic in common. I hope I don’t hear ‘Highway to Hell’ in the background. I want to cut myself off from bad memories – emphasizes my interlocutor.

– Today I only regret one thing: the time I spent on short-lived acquaintances. I still don’t believe that the future father of my children is out there somewhere, but I want to give myself a chance. I’m crazy already. I don’t want to be a Tinder girl anymore – concludes Patrycja.

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