Summer at Browary Warszawskie – 60 days of summer attractions in the heart of Wola!

For an uninterrupted year, the new quarter in Warsaw’s will is buzzing with life. Nothing will change this summer. July and August in Browary Warszawskie is above all a summer stage, open air cinema, open air concerts, attractions for children, encounters with authors, stand ups, impromptu performances and many other reasons to visit Browary this summer

The summer scene with… exceptional artists!

When we talk about summer, we naturally think of outdoor attractions. From July 8, a summer stage with live music will start in Browary Warszawskie. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings you can unwind and relax. The repertoire nowadays consists of delicate, mild acoustic sounds, allowing you to fully feel the holiday atmosphere. Performing on stage are artists such as Leski, Maki Trio, Alicja Łapińska, violinist Tomasz Mreńca, cellists from Cello Brothers and Ronja x Wrona. Friday and Saturday is for people who expect a little more from the weekend!

That is why, among others, in the beautiful green courtyard of the Laboratory Bisz & Radex, Tropical Soldiers in Paradise, Tęskno, Jann, Jagoda Kret or Hela. The summer stage isn’t all about concerts. Mondays are among the best stand-ups in town, such as Kasia Kołeczek, Aleksandra Radomska and Jasiek Borkowski. On the other hand, Wednesday nights belong to the Comedy Resort and specially prepared impromptu performances. A detailed schedule of the summer scene is available on Browary Warszawskie’s Facebook event and Follow The Step. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what day of the week – at 8pm the summer stage will be filled with talented performers.

Yoga, open air cinema, workshops for children and service for cyclists

Weekend attractions are opened by the weekly Warm-up Party, a Friday night DJ on the steps leading straight to Leżakownia Square, where weekend craziness takes place! Music, favorite cocktails and lots of greenery – doesn’t that sound like a perfect Friday? In addition to weekend concerts, Browary Warszawskie has also prepared many attractions for children and people who appreciate physical activity. The program includes Sunday yoga on the grass or Saturday bike service for anyone who wants to refresh their bike machine for free. Saturday and Sunday it is also time for attractions for the little ones.

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