Polish sanctions against Russia are being changed. The government approved the project

  • On Tuesday, the government passed a draft amendment to the so-called sanction act
  • The authors of the amendment emphasize the complexity of corporate structures associated with Russian and Belarusian capital
  • The new law will allow for the introduction of temporary compulsory administration and will contribute to the protection of employees working in such entities
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Draft amendment to the so-called Sanctions Act was passed by the government today – Maciej Wąsik, deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, informed the Sejm on Tuesday.

The law on special solutions to counteract aggression against Ukraine made it possible to impose sanctions on persons and entities on a special list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. It contains a list of individuals or entities who support Russian aggression in Ukraine or human rights violations and repression in Russia and Belarus. Now the government wants to change this law.

Wąsik, who will take part in Tuesday’s session of the House Administration and Home Affairs Committee, said the government is aware that being placed on the sanctions list will affect owners, as well as employees.

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