Does a motorhome trip through Scandinavia have to be expensive?

You don’t have to go to sunny Bali to feel like you’re in paradise. A real festival of diversity can be found right on the other side of the Baltic Sea. Scandinavia, as we are talking about it, is a region rich in amazing natural values. Mountains, forests, plateaus, fjords, waterfalls. It’s all within reach.

A motorhome over Scandinavia – Andrey Armyagov / Shutterstock

However, what often puts off those who want to see these wonders of nature is the prices. However, it is worth researching the subject as it turns out that choosing the right form of travel through the land of the fjords can mean that the journey will not drain our wallet, but will bring unforgettable adventures and a sense of freedom. that is unmatched anywhere else in Europe.

To travel to Sweden and Norway by motorhome, caravan or car, you can choose from two options:

  • Ferry from Świnoujście or Gdańsk. If the traveler chooses this option, it is best to book well in advance of the planned departure. Ferry prices vary depending on whether the holidaymaker wants to spend time on the ferry in their own cabin or in the hallway. The average cost of a ferry crossing from Poland to Scandinavia varies from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys. It all depends on the booking date.
  • The route through Germany and Denmark, then over the bridge to Sweden. A return trip from Copenhagen to Malmö via the Öresund strait costs about 800 Danish kroner in both directions, or about 500 zloty. Please note that a previously purchased ticket is valid for 30 days. More details can be found on the website, where you can buy a ticket online.

In both Sweden and Norway it is allowed to spend the night in the great outdoors, i.e. wherever we want, not just at designated camping spots. You can easily park or pitch your motorhome with a tent on the space of your choice. However, you should know the rules that apply when choosing this option to stay overnight:

  • In Norway, you have to keep 150 meters away from the nearest buildings and if you plan to spend more than two nights in the selected area, you need permission from the land owner.
  • Spending the night in the mountains or in the forest is allowed.
  • In Sweden you can even stay in one place for a few nights, if you have a larger group, please ask permission.
  • The basic requirement for wildlife habitat is that the chosen site is left in the condition it was in before it was taken. Scandinavians are very clean and respect the nature that surrounds them, so it is an important rule for them.

– Scandinavians adhere to the Allemannsretten principle, which states that every person has the right to contact with nature and is an integral part of it. Travelers who choose to stay in the wild should know this. In Norway it is possible to stay within 150 meters of the nearest houses without permission, but it is worth asking the residents for permission as a courtesy. Then the locals will look favorably on us, although they are very polite people by nature – says Lukas Janousek, creator of the Campiri platform, which offers online rental of motorhomes.

Scandinavia is very well prepared in terms of road infrastructure. Travelers can count on a comfortable ride even in the mountains. The bridges and frequent ferry crossings make the journey smooth. Norway has the largest number of tunnels in the world. Usually they are a short cut to get to the other side of the mountains, saving many hours on the road. In many areas you often have to drive on narrow, winding asphalt roads, but well-situated coves prevent collisions.

Importantly, in both Norway and Sweden some roads, tunnels or city entrances are subject to payment. The Scandinavians have also thought about how travelers can save unnecessary stops on the route. It is enough to register on the appropriate websites: Norwegian and Swedish before starting the trip, and the invoice for any costs will be sent to the indicated address within approximately one month from the time of return to the country.

– Sweden is the perfect country to travel by motorhome. Caravanning is very popular here and you will see many motorhomes on the routes. Getting around Sweden is easy and pleasant, especially considering the high driving culture – Swedes drive calmly, carefully, obey the rules and the speed limit – says Natalia Sitarska of the Tasteaway blog, who travels through Sweden from Campiri by car.

In Scandinavia, every trail, tourist attraction and accommodation is well described and marked. Moving in a motorhome or car with caravan has been popular there for a long time. If travelers are not a fan of spending the night in nature, there are campsites with full sanitary facilities at their disposal. They are very popular – in July 2020, the number of overnight stays in campsites in Norway was almost equal to that in hotels and holiday resorts.

The cost of an overnight stay at a Norwegian campsite varies between NOK 120 and NOK 250, which is approximately PLN 54 to 155. This amount should be increased by approximately NOK 20, ie less than PLN 9 for each adult and approximately NOK 30 for access to electricity. Showers cost about NOK 10 for a few minutes of bath. It happens that the campsites offer free use of showers, or charge a small amount against the initial fee, which already includes the price for unlimited use of hot water. The prices of campsites in other Scandinavian countries are very similar.

– In many places you will find campsites or parking spaces for motorhomes. For us, however, the biggest advantage is the opportunity to spend the night in nature in beautiful natural conditions – close to a picturesque beach or lake. In Sweden, such stops are allowed without any problems, unless there is a prohibition sign for motorhomes. Where it is not, you can stay overnight. However, if you want to stay overnight at a campsite, the park4night app can help you find nearby campsites explains Natalia from Tasteaway.

You can also pre-select campsites on the planned route. Relevant portals such as or for Norway and and for Sweden will help.

To save on local purchases, it is worth buying a basic stock of food in Poland with a longer shelf life. Anyway – crispbread (crisp crisp) is made by the Swedes. And such bread – as you know – can be eaten many days after purchase. You also don’t have to spend money on drinks, because the water available at the campsites is not only clean and drinkable, but also tasty.

Scandinavia is a country of diversity. At every turn a new adventure awaits the tourist. Undoubtedly, travelers have a lot of trouble planning a trip which direction to choose. Blogs and travel portals, such as the aforementioned Tasteaway, come to the rescue. If you choose to spend your vacation in a motorhome, you can go on a spontaneous trip and even take advantage of the aforementioned accommodation in the wild.

In a camper through ScandinaviaMarcel Miziołek / Press materials
In a camper through ScandinaviaMarcel Miziołek / Press materials

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