Anna Wendzikowska went to Guatemala and … got a TATTOO! An original souvenir? (PHOTO)

Anna Wendzikowska it is undoubtedly great social media and travel lover. It’s hard to say which he loves more: discovering new corners of the world or likes on Instagram, where he documents every journey. To make it even more fun, the photos from these exotic expeditions are filtered anyway so that they all look very similar. Ania probably doesn’t see it and stubbornly brags that she’s already been this year Maldives, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Oman, Italy, Greece and Spain.

But the last journey Anna Wendzikowska ended a few weeks ago, the presenter couldn’t stay at home and went on another lonely journey, this time to Guatemala. Ania decided stay in a shrine, where he can meditate, do yoga and work in peace on… my own book† We hope it will turn out better than the previous one, “A Question About Hollywood”.

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Adventure awaits… Yesterday I landed in Guatemala, today in the morning I went to Yoga Forrest where I will spend a week, maybe longer, doing meditation, yoga practice, breathing, sound therapy, etc. I am also going to finish the book† It’s been a long journey, but traveling alone is like nothing else. Let this moment last! – she wrote on Instagram.

Wendzikowska probably realized that a bit her Instagram looks more and more like a directory of travel agentsso she suddenly wants to give the impression that she is not a “typical tourist”. Therefore, as befits such a “world explorer”, she started collecting unique souvenirs and … decided to get a tattoo on her spine. In the description, she noted that: One of the breathing techniques helped her overcome the pain

In the last photo we can see what Wendzikowska’s tattoo looks like lotus flower on the back. It seems he has no intention of learning from his mistakes Julia Wieniawawho also had a tattoo during a holiday abroad, and also in not very sterile conditions. Wendzikowska also approached the subject quite lightly, already exposing the tattoo to the sun … But the main thing is that she looks quite picturesque on Instagram.

See what Ania’s latest souvenir from her next trip looks like. Fear of thinking what else the “original” will bring from the next trips.

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Critics abound, what do you think about Polish potatoes, it would be better if she sat in treats at the box office in Biedrze instead of enjoying life ??

Where are you from, including the author of this article, so much gif?? PEOPLE REMEMBER! Your mind takes away your jealousy!! Let people live their own way!!

Beautiful eyes … longing for reason

Lonely travels and the camera takes pictures itself

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I recently swallowed such a long one on the stairs and a nice bruise on half my calf.

A few posts under Wiktoria Gąsiewska has an identical one on the shoulder blade 😉

I don’t know if I should be jealous or admiring this is something great traveling and what a moment with my corks teaching distance

I envy my journey

She has a nice figure so it took me a while to find a tefo tattoo 🙂

such a huge pipe that the entire submarine would fit in it.

I am cooking broad beans. Then I fry in butter, breadcrumbs and eat it warm.

I recommend her interview with urnalista – quite a nice grandmother

Beautiful pictures !!! Is she going there with the photographer?

Pride. Everything for show, everything for sale. Kids at home, mom needs to get a tattoo during a yoga session. On the other side of the world, of course, to be more luxurious.

I feel very sorry for her parents. Very nice normal people. Who did she end up with with this selfishness and infantilism?

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