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The journalist went on a trip to Guatemala. She shared picturesque photos surrounded by breathtaking nature. The virtual photo gallery is not missing: natural edition photography, thoughts and extensive descriptions. “A beautiful and very necessary time” – we read in one of the posts.

Anna Wendzikowska is actively involved in social media. djournalist, TV presenter, actress, private: mother and travel lover – likes to report on his travels to picturesque places. internet users have the opportunity to move through the eyes of their imagination and admire the landscapes: Guadeloupe, Santorini, Martinique, the islands of St. Maarten, Saint Barthélemy, Italy, Monte Carlo, Oman, Maldives, Lapland, Austria, Namibia, Cabo Verde or Antigua and Barbuda along with a celebrity.

Some time ago, the 40-year-old published a material in which: she admitted she needed a break from mainstream online publishing. Observers gave her invaluable support.

There’s come a time when I have to say goodbye.. I’ve used you to solid relationships, and I won’t be here.. while I try to find peace and harmony…

The last time was hard for me both professionally and privately, I tried to be strong because I was always strong.. but this time something broke inside me. I have to take care of myself because I have someone to live for… keep my fingers crossed for me – she wrote.

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Anna Wendzikowska: “I have to take care of myself because I have someone to live for”

The journalist shared a mysterious mention on social media. She announced a moment of interruption from publication on the Internet. “This time something broke inside me,” he admits. Fans send support power. We also join them.

Her “return” was associated with a trip to Jordan. In a virtual gallery viewed by 496 thousand. users, then pictures of sunny vacations began to appear. The journey seems to have allowed her for a while breath of daily chores and thoughts.

“Lonely expeditions cannot be compared to anything”

Now the presenter is gone for a lonely trip to Guatemala† He admits that he spends his time meditating. As we read in the description of one of the photos, Wendzikowska she also planned to finish the book† The following days were marked concentration, exercises and as the celebrity points out: internal work.

It’s been a long journey, but traveling alone is like nothing else. Let this moment last!

This is what the next days look like … They flow slowly, but at the same time intensely … Slowly, because each new one resembles the previous one … Slowly, because in silence and in such an internal stop and concentration … Intensive, because a lot of yoga, more than 4 hours a day and a lot of internal work… A beautiful and much needed time – we read in the scrolling description.

Breathtaking views appeared in the online album. There were also photos of yoga gatherings. The charming environment and the calm shots caught the attention of internet users.

No makeup, no filter…just me, I do yoga, learn to love myself… – emphasizes the journalist.

Next, Wendzikowska shares an extremely heartfelt confession:

The most important lesson of this journey: courage of the heart … Courage to open to what is beautiful and valuable, even if the heart remembers every previous wound … Leave pain behind and choose love, but also ask brave boundaries … And speaking wherever it goes harm happens … even if the truth is uncomfortable … Is it possible that in two weeks mentality completely changed? I don’t know, but I feel like this happened to me…

Under the post was also the hashtag #rebirth. He also appeared on the material above the pool. The star posed back to the camera and showed her tattoo – Lotus flower. Rest, relaxation and unique experiences – the journalist’s unique journey enchanted the network.

Lotus flower, beautiful;
Magic…. I envy my courage, independence, strength… I admire determination and goals in action;
Beautiful, natural Ania;
Just love yourself – such a difficult lesson in our lives, but also the most important;
Excellent – Internet users comments.

We wish you all the best!

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