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The Poronic Summer, which will take place on July 21-24, is fast approaching.

A mix of artists, regionalists, folk artists and athletes. Concerts, performances by regional bands, shepherd’s farm, fun as before, a competition for the most beautiful braid and a battle for the honielnik title – these are just some of the many attractions prepared by the organizers.

Poroniańskie Lato is the largest event organized by the Municipality of Poronin. Every year it enjoys great popularity. It is a family event with attractions for children and adults. It attracts both locals and tourists. This year it is the 47th edition. It starts on Thursday 21 July and lasts until Sunday 24 July.
The Poronic Summer has been associated with the parish funfair for many years. Therefore, on the second day of the event, the Holy Mass will be celebrated. indulgence in the church in Poronin. After that, there will be an opportunity to see a colorful wedding procession that goes along Piłsudskiego Street – from the church to Biały Dunajec and back to the center of Poronin. The “Regle” band will participate in the procession. The band performs a fragment of a highlander wedding on the open-air stage of the Municipal Cultural Center.

One of the main points of the program is the 20th competition for the most beautiful braid and the choice of a honielnik, ie a young shepherd’s helper. Who will win the honorable titles this year?

During the Poroniański summer there will be concerts and highlander fun with the Hajlandery band, styled for the old days. The stars of this year’s edition are the bands Redlin, Future Folk and Marcin Sójka – the winner of the 9th edition of The Voice of Poland.

Why is it worth coming to Poroniańskie Summer? – It is an event that connects generations, an opportunity to spend time with the family. You can also encounter real highlanders in pure form. The program is based on traditional performances, which are an attraction not only for tourists, but also for the local population. Residents love to watch children and their friends on stage. The program also includes proposals for those who like to spend their time in concert – says Anna Malacina-Karpiel, director of the Municipal Cultural Center in Poronin. – It is worth noting that Poroniańskie Lato will be the first time this will take place in the revitalized area around GOK. This place attracts attention and gets positive opinions after renovation – he adds.

New to this year’s program is the Shepherd’s Farm, which is sure to attract the youngest participants to the Poronin summer.

The organizers also have something planned for sports enthusiasts – a football tournament at the municipal stadium and an open climbing wall at the volunteer fire station in Poronin.

The program of the 47th Poronian summer

July 21 (THURDAY)

15:30 Pick up at Wańkówka, on the premises of GOK in Poronin
* Summary of the conference on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Highlanders Association in Poronin
* Moving to the cemetery and commemorating the People of Merit for the Association of Podhale People
17:30 Meeting with dr hab. Stanislawa Trebunia-Staszel; book promotion
“Family customs and rituals” (GOK clubhouse in Poronin)

July 22 (FRIDAY)

Parish Church in Poronin
10:30 Collection of banner posts
11:00 Holy Mass pampering
13:00 Ride of the wedding procession along J. Piłsudskiego Street
Outdoor stage at GOK in Poronin
14:00 Fragment of a highlander wedding performed by the Regle band
15:00 Ceremonial opening of the 47th Poroniański Summer
* Reglański Zbyrk – highlander music by Dawid Czernik
* Presentation of the prizes in the contest for the poster of the 47th Poronian Summer
15:20 XX Competition for the Most Beautiful Poronian Summer Braid – Presentation of the Candidates
15:40 Violin concert by students of the State Music School in Zakopane, branch in Poronin
led by Krzysztof Leksycki
4 p.m. Assembly in Honielnik
16:30 Regulation band performance
17:15 Fit for the primate
18:00 Announcement of the results of the 20th Competition for the Most Beautiful Poronic Summer Braid
18:30 REDLIN band concert
20:00 Medical rescue show
21:30 Concert of the FUTURE FOLK band
23:00 Party with a DJ

July 23 (SATURDAY)

10:00 Football tournament for the Poronin Summer Cup (municipal sports stadium)
12:00 Climbing the wall (Climbing wall next to the fire station in Poronin)
20:00 Highlander game “Jak za downyk casów” with the band HAJLANDERY

July 24 (SUNDAY)

12:00 Regional Teams Review
* Małe Regle from Poronin
* Rugle from Poronin
* Mali Bystrzanie by Nowy Bystry
* Little Zbójnicek from Ząb
* Zawart of Bustryk
15:00 Performance by the Highlander Team for them. Klimek Bachleda from Zakopane
16:00 Concert of the Zodyma band
17:30 Concert of the Paka Band
18:45 Animation for children with the group Ence Pence
21:00 Concert by MARCIN SÓJKA
23:00 End of the 47th Poroniański Summer

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