Where to go on vacation 2022? The most popular places for last minute travel

Don’t have any holiday plans yet? As always, we come to the rescue. These seats are a guarantee of great weather, great views and moreover – not for millions of coins. For the last minute, these places are really worth hunting down!

Greece has almost 2,500 islands and at least as many delights. But there is only one queen. This is Corfu, the greenest of the Greek islands and an addictive place. A great option for this year’s holiday: it still offers cheap accommodation (taking into account rampant inflation, a week in Kerkyra will be cheaper than in Mielno!) and airfare at a great price (and in the national airline’s offer , no low cost airlines).

Located in the northern Ionian Sea, a stone’s throw from Albania, Corfu offers the best of Greece† Phenomenal mountain landscapes with olive groves (someone counted that there are more than 4 million olive trees here!) and blue slabs that surround this large botanical garden.

We stay in Sidari. It’s a small resort right next to the Channel of Love (Canal d’Amour), one of the island’s most charming tourist attractions. The narrow passages carved by nature are filled with water in an unprecedented shade of blue. The horizontally arranged layers of sand rocks with different shades of sponge cake appear perfectly baked in the hot sun. Dried by the wind blowing from the sea, which has carefully smoothed their shores, they blush beautifully in the colors of the setting sun. Anyway, the whole coast of the northern part of Corfu is spectacular: inlaid with charming coves, channels and channels, and bizarrely shaped rocks. The whole fragrance is filled with the scent of bay leaves, mint and anise, mixed with the refreshing citrus scent of kumquat. Magic.

This country is a real holiday hit this year, and at the same time a tourist phenomenon. It is the size of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and includes… the Balkans, Greece, and Italy. You pay here with medicines and a hotel costs just as much as a campsite in Croatia. This still poorly known corner of Europe is coming into fashion very quickly and this is probably the last holiday before it becomes overrun with hordes of tourists.

Most people associate Albania mainly with the coast, but we will suggest an off-track version. First we go to Lake Skadar, the largest of the Balkan Peninsula, which belongs to Montenegro in 2/3 and to Albania in 1/3. In Shkodra (a city about 100 km from the capital Tirana) we rent bicycles and set off. The areas within the reach of our pedals fascinate with their beauty. And when we see water in all its forms, we go to Albanian Alps. Valbona Valley it is one of the greatest pleasures we can give ourselves for a vacation.

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photo: Adobe Stock

We will appreciate it even more if this summer imposes certain restrictions on us due to the economic situation. Albanian prices are up to 20 percent. lower than in other holiday paradises. For one euro we can drink a beer in a pub. Divine views absolutely free.

Should Luc Besson ever decide to make a sequel to “Big Blue” and look for filming locations, I would immediately recommend him to Dalmatia. The blue of the Adriatic (from sapphire to deep green emeralds has so many shades here) that you would have to invent a new language to describe it. There are also an infinite number of places to recommend (in fact, whatever you choose will be great), and the price again – a much cheaper option than Italy or Spain.

The island of Brac, located a few kilometers south of Split, is a treat for those who like expensive materials. This is where white marble comes from, which was used in the construction of Diocletian’s Palace, the White House in Washington and fragments of St. Peter and Paul in the Vatican, among other things. But – let’s agree – marble is not the most attractive in Brac.

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In the town of Bol, located at the foot of Vidova Gora, is the world famous beach Zlatni Rat, or the Golden Horn, is considered the most beautiful in all of Croatia. I think it’s hard to argue. A pebble headland of 158 m guarantees a beautiful view. And at the same time it is the only place in Dalmatia with waves up to 1.5 m. Perfect conditions for windsurfers. And in fact anyone who dreams of a holiday in a place of breathtaking beauty.

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Another hit from the 2022 holiday season and a great last minute idea (favorable prices of airline tickets and yet affordable prices locally) is Cyprus† It’s not for nothing that this small island nation in the eastern Mediterranean is known as island of love† In Greek Mythology here is Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, desire and fertility (her Roman counterpart was Venus AKA Venera) emerged naked from the sea foam. And this foam, according to legend, was made of… divine genitals thrown into the water.

Everything happened in the area of ​​Paphos, near the village of Kuklia, near Petra tou Romiou (literally: Roman rock). According to Greek beliefs, the god of the sky, Uranus, fathered a son, the Titan Cronus, as a result of an incestuous relationship with his mother, Gaia. A descendant of Uranus castrated his father and threw the jewels into the sea. She was born from a mixture of semen and blood in this spot off the coast of Cyprus goddess of love

Today, Aphrodite Beach (with Aphrodite’s Rock in a central location) is a wonderful place to enjoy the view from morning to night. And if you are superstitious, it is worth coming here for your well-being and beauty. Whoever goes around the rock of the goddess three times will have eternal youth, and whoever finds a heart-shaped specimen among the countless pebbles on the beach will be happy in love.

Of course, all of Cyprus has much more to offer, but this is one of those locations that cannot be overlooked.

The Algarve is a perfect summer destination† It may not be one of the most budget-friendly resorts, but you’ll still be able to spend your vacation cheaper than the most popular Spanish resorts. And what’s even better, this region isn’t all about sun, ocean (the best conditions for surfers in Europe), phenomenal beaches and impressive cliffs. Today we reveal it to you one of the greatest and most delicious secrets of the south of Portugal: the Great Guadiana Trail (Grande Rota do Guadiana). People who like hiking will be delighted. The 65-kilometer route connects you Alcoutim of Vila Real de Santo António, through the hills of the Algarve, touches the Barrocal and the coast† It consists of 19 smaller routes of varying length (from 3 km to 15 km) and difficulty.

Of course we choose one of the easiest. We start right at the border with Spain, in Alcouti. The village, inhabited by about 3,000 inhabitants, is located directly on the bank of the river Guadiana, and on the other bank there is her Spanish twin sister – the village of Sanlúcar de Guadiana† The river that separates the two cities is also the border between Portugal and Spain. Ferries sail from one side to the other, and the more adventurous can use the rope slide, which will transport you from one country to another in seconds!

We are not going down, but we are going for a walk. A walk along the Guadiana is wildness, freedom, complete reset. The path winds, goes up and down, playing hide and seek with the ribbon of the river. It leads through ancient olive groves and orange groves, covered with fruit swollen with sweetness… The body is caressed by branches that bend under the weight of fashionable carob pods. Leather grenades and figs of paradise beg you to sink your teeth into them… We wish these delights would never end.

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