The Trefl Kids project is behind us! 1,307 participants took part in the training

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The start of the summer holidays means the end of the Trefl Kids project for children from Ukraine. Clubs Trefl Gdańsk and Trefl Sopot, as well as the Trefl Pomorze Association and Hala Gdańsk-Sopot Sp. z oo – the operator of ERGO ARENA – in the early days of the war in Ukraine, they helped people who had to flee their country. The main idea was to bring back the joy and carefree youth through sports and physical activity. 1,307 participants took part in 37 free training sessions, which also received additional benefits such as free games and puzzles from Trefl.

Touching stories, the opportunity to help, incredible gratitude and a sense of unity. The first sports activities for children from Ukraine were organized in ERGO ARENA on March 2, and from that day on they were held regularly three times a week, and the interest grew from training to training.

– Before the first lesson, we wondered if they would be willing, if we could reach people from Ukraine with the information, or would they reach ERGO ARENA. We soon realized that all the worries were unnecessary. On March 2, we received seven children from Ukraine and two weeks later there were 70 people. The idea of ​​​​sports activities arose when the marketing team of Trefl Gdańsk returned from the Polish Volleyball Cup in Wrocław on February 26 – two days after the Russian attack on Ukraine. After quickly exploring the possibilities and joining forces at a rapid pace, we were ready to start the lessons, as well as provide a play corner for children – the organizers remember.

– Thanks to the close collaboration with our titular sponsor, the company Trefl, we were able to quickly equip the biological regeneration room and transform it into a large play area. In addition, the management of our club has decided to make free access to matches in the main round available to all citizens of Ukraine. The tournament calendar has often allowed us to extend the time we spent in ERGO ARENA and diversify the Trefl Kids project – says Barbara Lewandowska-Paluch, marketing and communication manager at Trefl Sopot.

In the recovery room, which was converted into a play area, there was also a place for mothers and a sort of information point, as well as a support area.

– Remember, we started classes right after the war started. Together with millions of people who came to Poland from Ukraine, the PESEL number assignment procedure was launched and free shops for refugees were created. We had to be very up-to-date to answer all questions from the mothers of the participating children. For the first four weeks, the corner was cared for by people who worked daily in the clubs, the Association and the hall. At the end of March, after finding additional funding, we managed to hire two people from Ukraine – a girl who had also fled Ukraine to Poland, and in Ukraine she graduated in pedagogy and worked in a nursery, and a lady who had already come from Ukraine to Polish for work and she also knew our language communicatively – say the organizers.

Volleyball and basketball players also began to support. Since the play corner was located right in front of the Trefl Gdańsk and Trefl Sopot changing rooms and next to the gym, the athletes often visited the children and thanks to their generosity it was possible to meet many basic needs of people who, for example, ran away from home with one pair of shoes.

– It’s definitely the most emotionally charged project we’ve staged to date. We acted quickly, our sports activities were one of the first offers for people from Ukraine who came to the Tri-City. Due to the much larger number of possibilities and the summer weather, we have decided at this time that June was the last month of our classes in the hall. We hope that the situation in Ukraine will develop in the direction we are all counting on and that the activities unleashed in this way will remain just a memory, organizers said.

505 children from Ukraine and 72 from Poland participated in the training sessions, for whom training had also previously been conducted in a commercial form, and more than 700 children also visited ERGO ARENA during two special events organized as part of Trefl Kids – “Polish- Ukrainian rabbit” and “Children’s Day”. Of course, the children also got Trefl puzzles and games, which were passed on by the titular sponsor of the clubs after the project started, and some mothers managed to find jobs close to the organizers – incl. in a company that ensures the cleanliness of the hall or in the structures of Trefl SA. Most importantly, however, was the smiles of the children and the fact that sports allowed them to forget what they had experienced or what their loved ones were going through.

Trefl Gdańsk, Trefl Sopot, Trefl Pomorze Association and Hala Gdańsk-Sopot Sp. z oo – the operator of ERGO ARENA – would like to thank all entities that have joined the organization of Trefl Kids lessons for children from Ukraine. The Trefl Foundation provided the equipment in the early days of financial support for children’s sportswear, and then the equipment was donated by the 4F Pomaga Foundation and the LPP Foundation. Classic Restaurant, ie the restaurant operating in ERGO ARENA, invited children to a free lunch after sports training from the start of classes, and the Nata Aqua brand poured water. The project was also co-funded by the National Institute of Freedom from the funds of the government’s 2018-2030 Civilian Organization Development Program (

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