Summer workshop next door – ROBYG invites children to Piątkowo

During the summer holidays, creative ecological workshops are held for children living in Pozna and in the vicinity of Piątkowo. On July 16 and August 6, the youngest will have the opportunity to meet Biolek – the mascot of Zakład Zagospodarowania Odpadów, who will talk about good segregation – and to plant their own flower pots, in support of urban biodiversity. The seed and other materials were funded by the developer ROBYG, who is co-hosting the event with Centrum Inicjatyw Lokalnych Piątkowo Zachód.

The developer came up with the idea of ​​organizing workshops for preschool and early school children, who chose the Piątkowo neighborhood as the location for his first investment in Pozna. The program of the workshops, prepared together with experts from ZZO, will be carried out in July and August in the area of ​​the Ognisko na Fyrtlu daily support facility for children and adolescents. Located on the Bolesława Chrobrego 105 estate, the restaurant with garden is the site of activity of the Piątkowo West Neighborhood Center for Local Initiatives, which co-hosts the event.

We have been supporting local social, cultural and health initiatives for many years, we are involved in the lives of cities and districts where our investments are made, we sponsor and organize various events that promote the integration of neighbours. Workshops for children are an interesting initiative that facilitates the integration of residents and the education of the youngest. In an accessible form of active lessons, children are introduced to important issues related to the protection of biodiversity, which we pay special attention to at ROBYG. We want our estates to form communities that are actively involved in activities for the planet and for people, in line with the goals contained in our ESG strategy, so we enable them and create friendly spaces for them – says Anna Wojciechowska, Head of ESG, Sales and Marketing Director of Robyg in Gdańsk and Pozna.

The developer actively supports initiatives to combat climate change and systematically carries out activities aimed at educating and promoting pro-ecological attitudes – this year it has already cleaned the areas in Pozna and Gdańsk and encouraged to sow flower meadows, especially distribute prepared seed mixtures to city dwellers . This time in the capital, Wielkopolska, ROBYG, with the support of biodiversity protection professionals, will educate children – during workshops of up to 1.5 hours, children will learn about waste – incl. how to properly separate them, what happens to them. In the practical part, the youngest can make hand-decorated flower pots for their own balcony and window sills. Then, from the honey-containing mixtures of perennials and annuals, they will sow pastures in the compost soil to take them home and watch the growth of life. The developer wants the microchips to be pleasing to the eye and support the fight against the effects of climate change by providing food and shelter for beneficial insects and birds.

The workshop program includes:
Let’s talk about waste
– Exercises in the correct separation of waste
– A short educational film
– Workshops with active participation of children related to planting seeds of flower meadows in pots with compost earth
– Meeting with the mascot of ZZO “Biolek”
– Gifts for children

The necessary tools, pots, soil and materials for decorating the pots will be provided to the workshop participants by the organizers.

More details about the workshop:
– Dates [warsztaty tożsame]: July 16 at 10:00 am, August 6 at 10:00 am – with more registrations, additional groups will be organized at 11:30 am
– Requests via the form:
– For children aged 5-10 (younger children must be under guardian)
– Participation in the workshops is free
– Drinks are available on site – the organizer encourages you to bring your own cups in an ecological spirit

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