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Below you will find descriptions of some of the events prepared by ZOK.

July 14 – Rafał Satan

Actor, singer, pianist – graduated from the Jazz Department of the Music Academy in Katowice, majoring in jazz vocalism. In the years 2011-2015 he collaborated with the band RH Plus, where he released the album “Po Tylko 3” as a singer. Rafał was also a participant in the first edition of the “The Voice of Poland” program and a quarter-finalist of X Factor together with the Soul City band. Currently working on solo material, he released the song “Life changes into a dream”, announcing the album. In 2018, Rafał joined the cast of the series “M jak miłość”, creating the role of Eric. On the TV screen, he was also seen on the New Year’s Eve of dreams in Zakopane, broadcast on TVP2, as a host and performer at the Opole festival and in many others

tv concerts. In 2018 he was a finalist of the program “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, broadcast on Polsat TV, and in 2019 he was a participant in the 10th edition of “Dancing with the Stars”, also for Polsat TV. As a musical actor, he collaborates with many musical theaters, including the musical theater in Łódź, where he plays the male protagonist

Edward Lewis in the musical “Pretty Woman”, with the Syrena Theater – plays the main character of Drew in the musical “Rock of Ages”, Teatr Variete in Krakow: “The Legally Blonde” – alternating two male protagonists Warner and Emmet, Musical Theater in Gdynia: Musical “Notre Dame De Paris” – the role of Phoebus, Musical Theater in Chorzów: “Spring Awakening” – Hanchen Rilow, “Producers”, Musical Theater in Gliwice: “High School Musical” – the main character of Troy Bolton, “Musical” Hair “- the main figure of Cloude Bukowski.

During the concert in Zielona Góra, the artist will perform well-known and popular hits and songs from his repertoire.


Thumbelina is a little girl with a big heart. In a world full of surprises, she encounters many interesting, but also dangerous adventures. See what fate Toad, Mouse and Mole are preparing for her. Can such a baby cope with obstacles? Will something good happen to her? Or maybe he’s meeting someone special? We invite you to the colorful world of fairytale heroes.

16.07 – THERE WAS A DOG 2, dir. Gail Mancuso

All dogs know very well that life only makes sense with your beloved gentleman or lady. But sometimes you have to run fast to keep up with them. Bailey gets a new goal from her beloved Ethan: to take care of his granddaughter CJ. As long as the girl is small, the task is quite simple, although sometimes you have to protect her from a running horse with your own body. As time goes by, CJ grows up and the challenges for Bailey increase as well, especially when the girl moves to the big city with her mother and loses contact with her grandparents. Fortunately, Bailey had lived many lives and learned a lot about people. This time, he will have to help his beloved lady find true love, fulfill her dreams and above all reconcile a quarreling family. Sometimes he will have to leave just to come back in a new incarnation, one time even as a female dog. Because he knows one thing for sure: life is so old that it’s always worth staying together.


Paulina Tobis – violin, percussion instruments

Grzegorz Tobis – clarinet, cajon, word

Mateusz Rzytka – double bass

FolkforR creates music based on traditional melodies and performs them in new, original arrangements. The group consists of professional musicians – members of the Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra. Polish, Balkan and Klezmer music plays an important role in the band’s work. FolkfoR is a laureate of the 5th True Musicians Tournament in Szczecin and a grant from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. During the concert you will hear Polish, Bulgarian, Klezmer, Romanian, Lemko, Turkish melodies and own compositions.

17.07 – Relaks na sportowo – Spine Move Pilates / animations – Kraina Eksperymentów / DJ Hannah, 10.00 and 12.00 beach at Dolina Gęśnika

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