Skull and Bones – We’ve got the release date, gameplay videos and more!

A few days ago, we let you know that after years of testing, Ubisoft will finally come together and share some of the most important information about skull and bones† During the live broadcast, where the makers presented the new game, we learned, among other things, what the gameplay will look like and especially about the long-awaited release date.

This is happening! Skull and Bones is getting closer

skull and bones as soon as it happened a game with a myth, and a few years later a game with a meme. Why? Ubisoft first announced the creation of this title already in 2013! At that time, the developer’s plans were to create an add-on for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag† However, as the project developed, it was considered a standalone release.

After the following months, Ubisoft changed its approach to: skull and bones† in the end in 2017 there was a historic announcement of the game. At that point, the game would debut on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The release date was set at: early 2018. As you can guess, the production did not see the daily world in 2018 or 2019, and even more so in 2020. In connection with this turn of events, the announcement below: skull and bones has become a symbol of the “ghost game”.

It is worth emphasizing that despite many years of slippage Ubisoft has never stated that it has definitively given up on the project. We could see proof of that last year. Then the developer announced that the game is in development. Finally, yesterday (ie July 7th) there was an official live broadcast, where we got to know the final release date skull and bones and some interesting things about the game.

Skull and Bones is coming in November… this time for sure

This is happening!  Skull and Bones is getting closer

The information presented above may indicate that in the case of this particular Ubisoft production, there is no need to get used to the announcement. This time, however, the scope of the project seems so large that nothing will stand in the way of the release of the final product. During yesterday’s stream we found out that skull and bones will debut exactly on the market Nov 8 this year. The game will be available on personal computers and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles.

Departure to a paradise full of dangers in the game skull and bonesis set in the Indian Ocean in the golden age of piracy. Fight the adversities and become a famous pirate of an outcast. Build unique ships to survive, get rich and rule an immersive world with new challenges and opportunities every season.

Description of the game

It’s also a surefire confirmation of the final release date start pre-order. As of yesterday, players around the world will be able to pre-order pre-release versions skull and bones† There are two editions – standard and premium. In the case of a port for personal computers, the price of the first version is PLN 249.90while the other PLN 359.90. Players using consoles should consider the cost of the order PLN 339.99 or so much PLN 489.99.

As part of the premium edition, the ordering parties will receive a copy of the game the collection “Ballad of the Bloody Bones”, two extra missions, a catalog of art and a soundtrack. Given the rather high price of such a set, it is difficult to talk about a good interest for players.

What will Skull and Bones surprise us with?

During the livestream, Ubisoft also presented us gameplay fragments skull and bones It’s hard to hide that the creators of their time took a lot of inspiration from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag† However, this time the gameplay will focus only on the well-known and popular piracy.

As part of the game, our task will be: explore the vast open world, fight other fleets and take on breakneck missions. An important part of the game will of course also be the development of the ship and the improvement of our units and crew. Moreover, as befits a modern game, v skull and bones there will be many options ship customization.

We will be able to enjoy the production both in single and multiplayer mode. In this case, it is possible to team up with other players to create huge fleets of ships and fight the enemy. Ubisoft also announced that it attracted a lot of attention for how to fight duels with other ships. This means that the fight will be as dynamic as it is surprising and full of twists! About if developers are done with skull and bones however, we won’t discover the artwork until November.

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