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Summer brings a lot of sun and heat, which is great for well-being and vacation getaways, but not so good for skin and hair. Stains caused by sweat, blotchy mascara, dry skin or frizzy hair after swimming in the sea are just some of the problems you will face. Fortunately, with the arrival of summer, many cosmetic brands are expanding their offerings with products adapted to warmer temperatures. Thanks to them, we can celebrate the beautiful weather by spending long hours in the sand, walking and having a picnic without fear that it will affect our beauty.

New releases hitting shelves (and we recommend) will cover all your skincare needs – from toning, lightweight, high-filtering BB cream that will leave you feeling beautiful all day, to the nourishing scent that envelops you in heaven. and transports you directly to the Mediterranean.

Here are 7 beauty novelties worth trying this month.


  1. Protective Firming Cream SPF 50+ Floslek

  2. Oceanskin SESDERMA moisturizing facial serum

  3. Prouvé Lip Oil

  4. The Ritual body cream by Mehr RITUALS

  5. Fusswohl cooling foot mask

  6. Nourishing Fragrance Eau Extraordinaire CLARINS

  7. Hydrate YOPE hair mask

A waterproof, protective toning cream from the Polish brand Floslek is combination of skin care and delicate makeup† It offers high protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and thanks to the pigments it contains, it masks minor imperfections and discolorations. It does not leave an oily film on the skin.

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Cosmetic news July 2022 - Protective toning cream SPF 50+, Floslekphoto Protective toning cream SPF 50+ Floslek, price: PLN 45.99 / press materials

If you have dry, dull, dehydrated skin with signs of aging, give it a little love and treat it with a hydrating serum from Sesderma’s latest Oceanskin line. Restores shine with every drop. Learn after use it is illuminated, smooth and hydrated† The formula of the cosmetic is based on natural oils and butters, but also on luxurious ingredients of marine origin, such as: algae, spirulina, marine collagen, caviar extract and sea elastin.

Cosmetic News July 2022 - SESDERMA OCEANSKIN Hydrating Facial Serumphoto OCEANSKIN SESDERMA moisturizing facial serum; price: PLN 139 / press material

Lips that shine like water are one of the biggest makeup trends right now, so if you’re looking for the perfect lip oil that moisturizes, nourishes and stays on the lips for a long timesearch no further. A product of the Prouve brand meets all your needs. You can use it solo or on top of your favorite lipstick.

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Cosmetic News July 2022 - Lip Oil, Prouvephoto: Prouvé lip oil, price: PLN 32 / press material

The Rituals of Mechr body cream works on body and senses. Thanks to the rich composition leaves skin radiant, nourished and fragrant† The enchanting scent of sweet orange and cedarwood lingers on the skin for many hours.

Cosmetic news July 2022 - RITUALS body cream
photo The Ritual body cream by Mehr RITUALS, price: PLN 85 / press material

The cooling foot mask in the form of socks, which you will find on the shelves at Rossmann drugstores, will be a relief after long walks. Excellent soothes, hydrates and regenerates† The product comes from a limited, holiday series and is only available until the end of September, so take your chance.

Cosmetic news July 2022 - Cooling foot mask in the form of socks, Fusswohlphoto Cooling foot mask in the form of Fusswohl socks, price: PLN 13.99 / pressing material

If you want every inch of your body to smell amazing, grab an exclusive novelty from Clarins – Eau Extraordinaire Eau de Parfum. It hugs the skin captivating aroma of a blend of patchouli, red ginger and jasmine† In addition to long-lasting refreshment, it also has a nourishing effect thanks to acerola seeds and the extract of the leaf of life (plants from Madagascar). Hydrates, adds shine and protects against discoloration.

Cosmetic News July 2022 - Eau Extraordinaire CLARINS Nourishing Fragrancephoto Eau Extraordinaire CLARINS care fragrance, price: PLN 249 / press material

The Hydrate mask from Yope is all you need if you have dry and damaged hair. The powerful ingredients are onion seed oil and bacuri butter, which are designed to strengthen, nourish and regenerate. The product can be used in three ways – as a mask, conditioner or dry to tame unruly locks† It smells great and that’s how it works. After use, the hair is silky, shiny and hydrated.

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Cosmetic News July 2022 - Hydrate, YOPE Hair Maskphoto Hydrate YOPE hair mask, price: PLN 29.99 / press materials

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