Artificial intelligence is changing the face of commerce

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  • Date: July 11, 2022, 8:08 AM

The sixth sense of merchants – this is the name of solutions based on artificial intelligence, which introduce a whole new quality in managing the availability of products on store shelves. The Polish eLeader Shelf Recognition AI technology patent has just been achieved by DANONE companies, and the implementation of the solution across Poland has been entrusted to eLeader from Lublin. Thanks to this innovation, companies can identify and respond to consumer needs much faster, strengthening the position of the market leader.

The photo object recognition technology used in the eLeader Shelf Recognition AI application, enhanced with a report panel, is currently the fastest tool on the market for analyzing and making decisions in exposure management and product availability on store shelves .

The Polish patent revolutionizes the management of product availability on the shelf

The eLeader Shelf Recognition AI tool, created by the eLeader technology company, greatly improves the work of sales representatives in the field, e.g. by counting and measuring key parameters responsible for the correct display of products in stores. Information provided in real time makes it possible to better respond to consumer needs and thus positively influence sales volume. The data obtained through the use of artificial intelligence also improves the management of the sales chain and ensures a rapid response to changes in the business environment. The project involved the work of 170 sales representatives across Poland. Every month, eLeader processes more than 120 thousand. photos where he recognizes 460 products in 14 product categories.

Learn the full history of eLeader Shelf Recognition AI implementation at DANONE

– The market, especially FMCG products, has long been looking for tools that can provide accurate information about the presence of products on store shelves. The availability of such data is of great importance, as more than 75% of purchase decisions are made in-store. Thus, if the product is not available or the display does not meet the buyer’s expectations, this could translate into dismissal from the purchase or selection of a competing offer. Therefore, ensuring high standards of product exposure has a huge impact on sales results, which is appreciated by companies that already use advanced data analytics solutions – says Rafał Melanowicz, head of the AI ​​department at eLeader.

Artificial intelligence – the sixth sense of traders

The eLeader solution is used during a trade visit, when it is necessary to report product displays. Using artificial intelligence, the system analyzes photos taken by a sales rep with a smartphone, then calculates shelf stock, checks presence, trim, shortages, and information about products across the category. The photos are processed in minutes, providing analysts with real-time data. The speed of the data stream allows the lighting to be adjusted even during the rep’s visit. This is a simple way to avoid burdensome for employees, time consuming and vulnerable to anomaly analysis in the so-called manual mode.

Innovation makes work easier

DANONE’s focus on artificial intelligence has significantly improved the current model for collecting and assessing information. In the opinion of Łukasz Pawłowski, Senior Manager of the Sales Analysis and Systems Development Team at DANONE: – By implementing eLeader Shelf Recognition AI, we especially wanted to reduce the time of manual reporting of our salespeople. We wanted to introduce an innovative tool that would provide constant access to fast, automatic and complete information about the market situation – in the store, and to our representatives, during their visit to the point of sale, would indicate the main areas of activity . The eLeader application allows us to increase the number of indicators analyzed, and most importantly – it does not require an increase in the working time of sellers. The implemented tool also contributes to increasing the availability of our products on the shelves and the quality of their display. We focus on innovation in our operations, which is why we are one of the first companies in our category to implement the eLeader Shelf Recognition AI solution.

Dariusz Radzimirski, Senior Manager of Business Solutions in the DANONE group of companies points out other advantages – The solution is fully integrated with SFA and the data is fed seamlessly with other IT systems. This makes it easier to manage the whole thing, and also allows you to scale up this solution to other countries where DANONE is active.

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI completed the previously implemented eLeader SFA system. The applied perfect store model introduces key performance indicators (KPI) and calculates points to meet the standards. In a few minutes it is possible to evaluate the store, representative and their visit. The solution used in Poland makes it possible to power various IT systems and is also being implemented in other markets where DANONE companies are active.

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