Houses in Gdansk-Osowo. The cheapest and most expensive offers on the market

Houses for sale in Gdańsk-Osów have a wide variety of offers. When choosing real estate, you need to consider the cost of at least 700-800 thousand. PLN for a terraced house. The most expensive houses in Osowo cost about PLN 4-5 million.

House in Gdańsk-Osów to 1 million PLN

Are you looking for a house in Gdańsk Osów for less than PLN 1 million? There is real estate available in the market with prices ranging from PLN 700,000 to 900,000. zloty. The offer is dominated by semi-detached and semi-detached houses. Detached homes for less than a million come on the market less often.

For about 700 thousand. PLN, you can buy a new terraced house in a good location. There are kindergartens and schools, shops and service points and restaurants nearby. Gdańsk-Osowa also offers a developed communication infrastructure. The Tricity Beltway and bus lines run through the neighborhood – 169, 171, 179, 210, 269. Some of the new homes in Osowo are located near the PKM stop. At the same time, residents can use many green areas – parks, forests and the area of ​​​​two lakes – Osowskie and Wysocki.

The prices of terraced houses rise with the larger square meters, facilities and location. About PLN 800,000 you have to pay for a semi-detached house that is shared with only one family instead of several as in a terraced house.

The homes in Osowo have an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters spread over two floors. Space is divided
on designated zones – living and sleeping areas. For less than one million zloty, the buyer gets two suitable parking spaces on the property or the option to buy them. Some of the terraced houses up to a million zlotys do not have their own garden. The estates are intimate and situated in a comfortable location.

House in Gdańsk-Osów to 2 million PLN

Most of the houses for sale in Gdańsk-Osów are available for just over PLN 1 million – terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, both on the primary and secondary markets. Part of the building dates from the 1990s, but there are also buildings that have been taken into use in recent years. The variety of real estate offers up to PLN 1.5 million attracts investors and potential buyers.

Houses in Osowo have an average surface of 130 to more than 200 m² and large plots that belong to the property. For just over a million you can find a house with garage, garden and terrace.

Larger areas and additional facilities are available for more than PLN 1.5 million. More and more homes meet the criteria of an energy-efficient building, resulting in low rates and lower maintenance costs. The houses in Osowo also use solutions that improve the quality of life of the residents, such as automatic watering of the lawn, additional outbuildings or garages with remote control.

House in Gdańsk-Osów to PLN 3 million

Houses in Osowo up to 3 million PLN are properties in an exceptionally attractive location, for example near Osowskie and Wysocki Lakes. Residents can enjoy the view of the water surface or the surrounding forests. Quiet and peaceful neighborhood a bit away from the main points of the district. Large spaces, comfortable spaces and a well-maintained environment.

Houses in Osowo for less than 3 million PLN are also distinguished by a higher standard and materials. Solutions are used that increase living comfort: surveillance, burglar-resistant doors or an automatically opened gate.

A house in Gdańsk-Osów for more than PLN 5 million

Houses in Gdańsk-Osów up to 5 million PLN are large, consisting of two or three floors. On the ground floor there is usually a living room with a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and utility room or rooms. The first floor is dominated by bedrooms with private wardrobes and bathrooms. The next floor is an additional recreation room, for example a playroom or a bedroom.

The standard is at least one or more terraces with a view of forests, parks or nearby lakes. Most properties have extensive gardens with areas designed for fun, relaxation and sport. Some of the luxury properties have their own outdoor or indoor pools and saunas. An important point in the gardens are barbecue areas, for example gazebos and specially prepared areas with a possibility of covering in case of rain.

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